Gus’s Ordeal

Gus has been having health issues. He’s about 14 and a half years old. He’s lost about 12 pounds this year and feels like skin and bones.  He went to the vet in September and weighed about 18 pounds.  I took him in today and he’s down to 15 pounds.  He’s not eating much nor drinking a lot.  He also had some diarrhea over the weekend. They did blood work on him in September and his numbers were high.  Today’s numbers were almost twice as high as they were in September.  His kidneys are failing.

As a last ditch effort, they’re going to give him fluid injections for three days and see if that might flush and jump-start his kidneys. He’s also on some antibiotics and meds for diarrhea.  He’ll have another blood test later this week. If that doesn’t work his prognosis isn’t good.

The photo above is from 2009 when we first adopted him. He was five then.