Up, Up, and Away

If you strapped a chair to a lot of helium balloons and flew into the sky, would it be fair to compare yourself to the Wright Brothers?

Read all about it.

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The wind controller

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Parking problems


Nice 27 point turn 😯
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Posted by Bright on Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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Shipping to Alaska is kind of expensive…

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Caption Contest – 816

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The Unknown Organ Donor




Star Trek: Discovery

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The new Star Trek series “Discovery” coming sometime in 2017 on CBS.




Warning Translation


Police find drunk driver

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Armor Penetration

26-inch thick armor from Japanese Yamato class battleship, pierced by a US Navy 16-inch gun. The armor is on display at the US Navy Museum in Washington D.C.

This happened in WWII, think of the power we have today!

Read all about it.

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