Friday Firesmith – Our Sins

One thing you can count on when it comes to Social Media is if you write something controversial you’re going to get three kids of people to talk about it. The first are the hardliners from one side who agree, the second are the hardliners who disagree, and then there are the people who would like to know more. Letting the hardliners from either side slug it out on your Social Media platform is a sure way to rid yourself of people who want to talk about it.

A seventeen-year-old kid was found dead at Lowndes High School a few years back. He was found with his feet sticking out of the end of a rolled up wrestling mat, in a word, upside down, as the mat had been stood up on its end.

The original theory was this kid had dove into the mat to get his shoes, which he had placed in there to avoid having to pay a locker fee, which was common practice in the school, and he had gotten stuck, and he had died from being upside down too long.

His parents didn’t buy that story, and a lot of people didn’t. They got another autopsy performed which showed blunt force trauma to the kid’s neck, and from that point on, there were two factions; those who believed the first autopsy and those who believed the second.

From that point onward, Social Media lit up with those who cried “Accident!” and those who screamed, “Murder!”.  Now, other than the second autopsy, there was no evidence that anyone could be singled out as being involved but the family filed a lawsuit that basically accused nearly one hundred people in the school system, the FBI, and local law enforcement, of murder and covering up the murder. There were protests and counter-protests. There was a candlelight prayer meeting which the “Accident” side said was an attempt to heal the wounds of division while the “Murder” side of things said this was a Ku Klux Klown meeting in disguise.

The lawsuit has been dismissed. Both sides are still equally divided. And no one knows for sure how we wound up with a dead kid in a school. We have a dead seventeen-year-old.

Recently, someone who was on one side of politics shot someone who was on the other side of politics. Take the labels away; a person has been shot by another person. At some point in time, we have to stop demonizing people we disagree with. At some point, we have to back away from the edges on both sides as we have to sit at the same table, beside those who disagree with us, and we have to turn our cell phones off. We have to look at these people and see that we are the same. We have a dead seventeen-year-old and neither side is speaking to one another except to scream. We have people shooting people. We have to find a way to stop this. The building is on fire and we have to work together to put it out because if we cannot work together we are most surely going to burn together.

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