Car ads – Mercedes vs Jaguar

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

Nightmares amusement park rides

At first, I thought these were amusement park accidents but I think they’re supposed to do this stuff.  How many ways can a guy say “Hell No!”?

Thanks, DJ
Another video that played after this one looked pretty scary too…  

First time babysitting…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

Employees Must Wash Hands

Thanks, Steve D

Jello Shot Russian Roulette Jenga

Just put in as many Jell-O shots as you want to,

Make your own or buy a set here.

Thanks, Staci

No weighting for a black eye

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

Sea lion snatches girl off pier


Thanks, DJ

Beards are magic

Thanks, Rich

Herding Hurts… Damn!

Thanks, Rich

Crew Demolishes Wrong Building

Read all about it.

Thanks, Dianne
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