Bug-A-Salt Rifle

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Humbling Moment

well trained

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glue stick


B&P Link Dump

first cakeTesting ghost-hunting apps in NYC

Scientists discover a new human body part

Google is making autofocusing contact lens

Strangest Genitals In The Animal Kingdom

17 facts you didn’t know about these celebrities

There’s a first time for everything    right arrow

26 Foods You Should Learn To Cook In Your 20′s

Small typos reap huge (and hilarious) results

Vertical videos are “A Sin”  (Sander would agree)

10 camping tips to make camping a whole lot easier

Some Guy Posted His Hospital Bill Online…

25 Facts You Always Believed That Are Actually False!

List of people from St. Louis

Understanding Back To The Future Time Travels

Trivia Tidbit:  According to the latest report published by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which is for the 2013 calendar year, the average visitor to Las Vegas stayed for an average of 4.3 days/3.3 nights and had a trip gambling budget of $529.57, as you recalled seeing, so that’s $123.09 per day, approximately.  via


Somersaulting Home

somersaulting home

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Why don’t your ice cream sandwiches melt?

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Too cool for school

Too cool for school



Healthy eating pie chart

 Healthy eating pie chart



Demolition Debris Nearly Kills Spectator



Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

John Green’s take on health care costs in the U.S..


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