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  1. “This picture shows two editions of the Wall Street Journal published at different times of the day. The paper on the left came off the press early in the day, while the paper on the right was produced later in the day. Print newspapers sometimes undergo revisions throughout their daily runs and typically employ marks to distinguish the various editions — in this case the differing WSJ editions are distinguishable by the number of stars displayed in the masthead” http://www.snopes.com/wsj-different-trump-headlines/

    • I originally thought to myself “man, I hate it when something catches me enough I need to go do research to check and see how honest it is”. Then I clicked comments, and thought “man, I love it when someone else has already done that for me”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Different editions. Different times of the day. Different headlines. Fact is: as the day went on, they figured out that President Trump is no pushover. Good for them! MAGA

    • LOL, you’re joking, right, Dave? Surely no one STILL believes Trump ever had any intention of making America great! Making his bank account great with taxpayer dollars, sure. Making Russia great, so he can make Putin and all the oligarchs who own his ass happy, definitely. But Americans who aren’t Trumps or billionaires? LOL.


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