Friday Firesmith – Same Sex Marriage

My marriage lasted 989 days. I can come up with at least a dozen reasons for the failure and those would include financialincompatibility,  a breakdown of trust, different visions of thefuture, and the fact that I’m pretty much a solitary creature. Way down on the list, well, actually totally off the list, is thebreakdown in … Read more

Friday Firesmith – How Not To Get Attacked By A Dog

Let’s say you are a two hundred pound man in reasonable health and under the age of thirty, but over the age of twenty. Another man in a bar walks up to you and tells you he’s going to kill you. You haven’t any military training and don’t have a weapon, but this guy weighs … Read more

Friday Firesmith – No Love For The Burmese Python

One of these days we’ll talk about how to avoid being attacked by a dog, but that isn’t something most dog owners think about very much. I have mutts of some size and I’ve learned, the hard way, to start training puppies when they are still puppies. You can, in point of fact, teach an … Read more