Friday Firesmith – The Great White Out II

Part Two… Why Richard? Oh, Richard, why? I was home, peacefully eating breakfast and drinking coffee when Richard returned. His face was speckled white, his hair was splattered with paint, and he was grinning like a child. Also, his feet were white, and I ought to have asked more questions, but the first was this: … Read more

Friday Firesmith – The Great South Georgia White Out

Part One… Richard meant well, he really did, and when he was sober, which was two days a week, somewhere between Tuesday night and Thursday at noon, and he would and he could follow his best intentions through. Having Richard as a roommate was sometimes fun, always entertaining, but it was like living with someone … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Nashville

The troubles went on in Northern Ireland for thirty years or so, with one side trying to unite Ireland and the other trying to keep Protestant Northern Ireland as a part of England. Bombings and shootings were common. Most notably were the assassinations, or more precisely, the murders of Ross McWhirter, co-founder of The Guinness … Read more

Friday Firesmith – I Hate Christmas

My dislike, disdain, and outright abhorrence for Christmas was learned behavior, and then like all prejudices, it was sown with the self-support people will apply when they are emotionally detached from a cultural event. But there are more people like me every year, for every year Christmas becomes less and less about some festive event … Read more