Friday Firesmith – Full Moon Wrex

The moonlight filled up the bedroom in a faint silvery tone that cast shadows here and there. Lilith snored loudly, from the living room sofa, and both Budlore and Jessica were sleeping on Mom’s bed. Wrex was out there, in the moonlight, somewhere, and who knows why it is that dogs love this sort of … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Lightning Crashes

South Georgia has impressive lightning storms. They are usually brief, lasting no more than half an hour or so, and sometimes it seems they last only a few moments. Three, four, maybe a half dozen good flashes, some serious thunder, and a hard rain that pretends to fill up swimming pools, is suddenly gone, the … Read more

Friday Firesmith – My Grandmother’s Church

My mom moved in with me several months ago, and I can remember her hauling me to Sunday School every Sunday to go to my grandmother’s church. Grandma taught Sunday School, and the preacher at her funeral had been one of her students, when he was a child. That must have been a strange experience … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Iraqi Exit

It’s hard to estimate what the Unites States has spent in Iraq. We’ve built dams, bridges, roads, hospitals, and we’ve created military bases everywhere. We’ve trained their military. We’ve educated their officers. We’ve funded and armed their air force, their army, and their version of the CIA. We’ve given them surveillance capabilities to spy on … Read more

Friday Firesmith – High Attitude

“You’re going to run out of options at that point,” the Surgeon told me. The various scenarios that led to happiness and good health were there, but there was a darker side to the conversation. There were things happening to me, that if they kept happening to me, there was not going to be anything … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Your Right To Be Stupid

Back a while ago, Toyota had a problem with “unintended acceleration”. That meant you could be cruising down the road and your car, or truck, would suddenly speed up for no good reason. People were killed, maimed, and freaked out, and Toyota eventually blamed all of these accidents on floor mats. One of the first … Read more