Friday Firesmith – The Brown Watersnake vs. Reggie

It’s the last day, hopefully, on the project, and at this point, everyone is sick to death of being here. Honestly, the best contractor I’ve worked with would have had this thing knocked out in three months, and it’s been six months so far. There’s a lot of RMP but not many MPH. Everyone is … Read more

Friday Firesmith – The Great Citrus Caper

Last year, the “Exploratory Committee” sent me a letter asking me under what conditions, and they set three different ones, that would compel me to return for some sort of high school reunion. The first was a 40 year class of 1979 event, the last one which drew a dozen people, all of them locals, … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Wollstonecraft’s Monster

If you’re the reading type, and I’m guessing you might be because you’re reading this, then you’re also likely one of those people who can see a movie based on a book, and wonder how things went so terribly wrong. Stephen King movies never have the same vibe as Stephen King books, and I’ve never … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Bush Hooked

First off, I’m really not interested in hearing about a device that uses gasoline, or electricity. I’m not interested in hearing about some scorched earth machine that takes all vegetation down three inches past the surface of the earth and leaves nothing behind but bare dirt. If I wanted some sort of advice on any … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Tomatoes and Atheists

Way back in the mid-nineties, when a person could actually say they had visited every website ever created, in one day, there was a very limited number of people online, and a small number of platforms that could be considered social media. Moreover, there just were not that many people who had the time to … Read more