The amazing sex bet

Viagra pillsGambling and Sex are two terrible vices that mankind seemingly has quite a bit of interest in. Gambling is thrilling and carries with it the chance to make a large amount of money. Sex is sex, which is pretty sweet on its own. So why not combine the two? Sergey Tuganov thought he would have a go at living the impossible dream. Sadly, his inclusion in this article means it didn’t end well, so please don’t look up to this man as a source of inspiration.

Tuganov presented two women with a simple scenario: he could have continuous sex with them for twelve hours. If he could then he would win $4,300. If he couldn’t, then he would forever be remembered as a failure who got to sextify two women for several hours. Either way, win win. The women agreed, and the sex was had.

Before I continue with the conclusion, I’d just like to ask a simple question: what sort of person can have sex continuously for twelve hours? Oh sure, people talk about it as a joke or fantasy, but have you actually thought about what sex for twelve hours straight would feel like? I’m predicting that the sexy good times come to an end right about the time unpleasant things start to chafe.

Anyway, in order to ensure his victory of these two women and whatever force created him, Tuganov decided to down an entire bottle of Viagra, one pill of which is enough to ensure an erection for four hours. I’m guessing that Tuganov was terrible with numbers. To his credit, he managed to win the bet. To his discredit, his boner pills iced him only minutes later. I can only hope they were able to close the casket.