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600 lb woman wants to gain more weight

Top 10 Unusual Uses For Coca Cola     via

‘Diff’rent Strokes’ had a Jewish episode with Milton Berle


Adding function to form on the iPhone 4

Old Spice guy gets a call from Mel Gibson  NSFW


Google Search changes the way images are displayed

Google has changed the way images are displayed in it’s image search screen. 

Google image search

The main thing I like about it is that you no longer have to click to view another page of images … the pages just scroll on down the screen.  That’s the main reason I switched to Bing when searching for images.  When you hover your mouse over an image to get a larger preview and info about the image.

More on the new image search features



Horse rescued from flood in Texas

An Urban Search & Rescue team save a horse from rising flood waters in Rio Grande City, Texas. Firefighter volunteers with Texas Task Force 1 were dispatched to south Texas in the wake of Hurricane Alex, and were called upon to rescue this 17-year old mare, named Irish Painted Lady. The horse’s owner tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the horse was entangled in a mesquite tree and unable to move.