What’s your site?

I receive quite a few emails asking to exchange blogroll links.  Some have no clue about B&P, they’re just automated emails just trying to get their links out there anywhere they can.  I got a request today and it got me to thinking.

 I really don’t know why I have a blogroll.  Originally I put it up to link to sites I get stuff from.  The vast majority of those are well known sites, that most people know of already.  And, I try to credit the source of each post so it seems a little redundant to just have a list.  Maybe it’s helpful to some…. I don’t know.  I think this will require more thought.

So anyway, every now and then I open B&P up for people who have sites that they’d like to publicize.  I guess today will be one of those days. 

Do you have a website?  If so, and you want to share it, post a link to it in the comments with a little description of the site.  If you have a lot of sites, lets keep it to a minimum.  Pick one or two to link to.  We don’t want a blogroll listing.

What’s your site?