Texas Road Trip 2010

Texas Trip 2010One week from today we’ll be heading out on another road trip.  Pat’s bike is still in the shop, so it remains to be seen whether we’ll be on motorcycles or take the car.

We’ll head out Saturday morning from St. Louis down I-44 to Oklahoma City.  We want to see the Murrah Building Memorial and then head out for Dallas.  We plan to visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Daley Plaza there.

Monday we’ll go on down to Austin and/or San Antonio. 

I’ve eaten dinner at The Oasis on Lake Travis  at sunset.  Not sure we can make that happen again, but I’d like to.  Also might visit the LBJ Library.   We plan to visit the River Walk in San Antonio and the Alamo.  Tuesday we’ll head over to Houston and the Gulf.  We may try and tour the Johnson Space Center.  We’ll stay somewhere near the Gulf.  Wednesday we’ll travel along the gulf to Ocean Springs Mississippi where we’ll spend a couple days. While in that area we may visit the French Quarter and the World War II Museum in New Orleans  On Saturday we’ll start the journey home, heading on up to Memphis.  Sunday we plan to leave Memphis and arrive home that afternoon or evening.  Total mileage is 2,485 if we don’t vary the route at all, so I’m thinking we’ll hit 2,600 or 2,700 miles.

Here’s where you come in…
We’re looking for suggestions of things to see or do, or places to eat along the way.  We usually try to stay at cheap to moderate hotels.  Our only requirements are that they be clean, safe and have internet access.  Any recommendations on that front would be appreciated also.


Haunted in St. Louis – The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is a place in St. Louis that was owned by the Lemp family, a brewing dynasty in the St. Louis are that fell on hard times in the era leading up to Prohibition.  The brewery closed and never reopened.  Bad luck consumed the Lemp family as mysterious deaths and suicides were almost commonplace there.  The mansion is said to be haunted and has since become a restaurant and bed and breakfast.


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

I ate at the restaurant there a few years back and got a tour of the upstairs which is now a Bed & Breakfast. 

Thanks Miss Silver