BABBQ preview

Well, the time has finally arrived.  A small group of about ten B&P’ers and some friends met at Fast Eddies in Alton IL (just across the river from St. Louis). 

Fast Eddies
Left to right:  Scott, DJ, Richard and Anthony (ALN). 

Meee and Nick DannyS
Meee (Danielle) and hubby Nick and Danny S and wife Linda enjoy some grub at Fast Eddie’s.  It was a little hard to talk there because of the band, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We’ll have more time to talk Saturday.


Chilean miner’s wife meets mistress

MinerOne of the trapped Chilean miners is going to have some explaining to do after his wife ran into his mistress at the mine’s entrance.

Britain’s Sun newspaper reports the wife of Yonni Barrios was stunned and upset to find his girlfriend also conducting a vigil for him.

Barrios has been valuable to authorities trying to get the miners out, using his first-aid training to treat sick colleagues.

Thanks Miss Silver

I think he’s trying to dig his way out of this.  He’s digging down to try to get out the other way.