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26 car pile-up in St. Louis

26 care pileup3Freezing rain glazed over a section of Interstate 64 in midtown St. Louis this morning sending 21 people to the hospital with one in critical condition.  26 vehicles were involved in the accident as drivers came over a hill and and headed down the highway only to see a tangled mass of vehicles crisscrossed in front of them.  Hitting their brakes on the glazed surface caused them to lose control of their vehicles and add to the crash scene. 

The temperature hovered around the freezing point as a small band of freezing rain fell about 4:30 this morning, just enough to cause this accident and many other smaller accidents which closed roads around the area.  About 7:30 AM the temperature climbed above the freezing point and road conditions improved.

Authorities said it would take several hours to clear up the highway and get it reopened to traffic.