Road Trip – Fishing in the gulf

My daughter (Krisgo) and her family are on family road trip vacation.  They headed out Wednesday.    Their first stop was on Destin Florida after a night somewhere in Mississippi.  On Destin Beach they collected a cup of oil “sea turds” but apparently it wasn’t too bad –  yet.  They did a little fishing and my son-in-law caught this sand shark guitarfish (below).  After a day in Destin they ran into the tail of Hurricane Alex and got pretty wet, so they headed east to Jacksonville.  They stayed there a couple of nights and are heading up towards Savannah Georgia on Friday.


Sand shark2 Sand shark
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Covered bridges of Indiana ride this weekend

We’re heading out tomorrow afternoon for a ride through Illinois into Indiana.  Indiana is supposed to have more than 90 covered bridges still in existence.  We plan to visit a few.  I’m not sure where our fascination with covered bridges came from, except that there’s one not too far from my house that I accidentally discovered one day a few years ago while out on a ride.  After that we looked into it and discovered that Missouri only has four covered bridges left.  I think we’ve been to three of those.

Indiana ride2

 We’ll probably spend Friday night in Terre Haute and then Saturday ride to some bridges and then there’s supposed to be a nice scenic ride around and/or through Hoosier National Forest.   We’ll probably spend Saturday night in Bloomington and coming back to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.  About  550 miles total if we stick with the original plan. 

If anyone has any suggestions of things to see or good places to eat along the way, please let us know.  I’ll be checking in during the evenings.

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