Bear chases bison down road in Yellowstone Park

Bear_bisonNow that Yellowstone Park officials say this picture of a bear chasing a half-mauled bison down a Yellowstone Park road is authentic, imagine driving down the road toward this scene. Yeah, we’re staying away from Yellowstone Park now too.

Yellowstone National Park West District Ranger Michael Keator tells KTVQ channel 2 in Billings, Montana that the photo, which recently began circulating on the web, was taken by a park employee in April 2010, between the Madison Junction and Old Faithful, in the Fountain Flats area of Yellowstone National Park.




Locks of Love

Locks of loveIt seems that locks aren’t just simply used to keep property secure from theft and vandalism any more. For decades now a custom has slowly been creeping across the world whereby loving, romantic, and sometimes superstitious couples have decided to write messages on padlocks, attach them to certain landmarks in specific areas – more often than not railings and fences – and then throw away the key.

The practice, as well as symbolizing a couple’s unending love for each other, is in some countries thought to bring good luck to a relationship.

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