High Spy Trixie

Trixie on stepsAn unnamed varmint piddled on the rug this morning.  I guess I didn’t let them out soon enough. 

While I was cleaning up the mess with the Bissell SpotBot (which I highly recommend) I spotted a suspect on the stairs.  She watched as I removed all traces of the crime from the scene.

Trixie usually watches my every move and is in the same room with me 90% of the time I’m home. 

Gus spends 70% of his day lying on the steps so he can watch the goings on outside the front door.  20% of the time he’s lying on the bed and about 10% of the time he’s laying in my office.

Gus has regressed on his progress going through the door on his own.  I bought a new welcome mat and I think he’s afraid of it.  He wasn’t coming back in either for a couple of days, but he’s now doing that again.  Now if we can get him to follow Trixie out all will be well.