The Making of “The Shining”

Shining1A three part YouTube video by videographer Vivian Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick’s 17 year-old daughter) on the making of the 1980 film classic,  The Shining starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall.  The film was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Jack Nicholson is one of my favorite actors ever and I really enjoyed watching this behind the scenes look at how The Shining made. 

Things I gathered from these videos:

*  Kubrick is a hands-on kind of director that knows what he wants and knows when a scene works or doesn’t work. 

*   The script kept changing from day to day, as I assume many films do, and we see Kubrick pounding away on his typewriter today’s newest script.  Each script revision was on different colored paper so you could tell in an instant if everyone was on the same page.

*  Shelly Duvall was an emotional wreck during the filming and must have been challenging for Nicholson and Kubrick to work with. 

If you’re a fan at all of Nicholson, Kubrick or Duvall, or the movie “The Shining” , or just films in general I highly recommend watching this video.  I would have embedded the clips here but embedding is disabled.

Making of ‘The Shining’ – Part 1

Making of ‘The Shining’ – Part 2

Making of ‘The Shining’ – Part 3