Billion Dollar Yacht?

500 ft Yacht Design

There’s buzz overseas about what could possibly be the world’s first billion dollar yacht. A UK yacht designer, Yacht Island Design, has drawn plans for a four-level, 500-ft. city on the sea called “Streets of Monaco,” which is being modeled after the European enclave, a space for millionaires and billionaires alike.
On the top deck, there will be scaled-down versions of uber famous Monaco landmarks like the Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo Casino, Café de Paris, Loews Hotel, and La Rascasse. The real pinchers are a fully-functional go-kart circuit track based on the Monoco Grand Prix race track, complete with a tunnel complex, and the submarine and helipad. And not to mention, the standard multiple swimming pools, swim-in Jacuzzi bar, multi-use sports court for tennis and basketball, dance hall, spa and hair salon, and accommodations for 16 guests and 70 staff members. The main apartment for the yacht owner is spread over three floors and covers 4,800 sq. ft.


The designer’s impressions haven’t left the paper into production, mostly because an individual hasn’t put up the money for this beyond-impressive mega yacht.

“This is just a concept at this point,” said Scott Poxon, director of Yacht Island Design, the firm behind the project. “That said, there is a notable amount of detail in place. It would need a commission in order to finalize design requirements of the client and to commence the construction.” Poxon also says that while media has said the yacht would cost $1 billion, his firm has yet to discuss pricing. How’s that for an addition to an executive luxury lifestyle?

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10 Million Page loads in 2010 !

I finally got around to working up a few stats for Bits and Pieces for last year.  I was surprised to see a total of just over 10 million page loads.  A page load is defined as any time someone opens a page on a website.  Whether it’s a single post or a homepage with 10 posts on it.  When you change pages the page load count increases. 

2010 bp Stats
via StatCounter  Note: Google Analytics has the total number of page views at 9.7 million. 

People from 214 countries visited Bits & Pieces last year.  They’re ranked below from the highest number of visitors per country to the lowest number.

BP Reader Locations 2010
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B&P Readers in the U.S. by state

2010 BP US readers

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