Contraption at the City Museum in St. Louis

This room was constructed with the humor of Rube Goldberg cartoons in mind at the St. Louis City Museum. Developed organically, the room started with one exercycle on the bench and the thought, “What can this become?” From there, visual and comedic mechanics were added day by day to create a space that with the push of a button, the room would erupt with motion and activity. A line shaft and belt system from the Industrial Revolution was used to transmit power and action over the viewers head, encompassing them with movement and the challenge of deciphering what powers what. An umbrella opens and closes with the aid of cables and manikin hands, a cup floats and falls with the power of pneumatic pistons, a 3ft. wheel of feet kicks up opposing balancing beams, a leg and foot continue to ‘kick the bucket’ and a fireplace bellows that spins the pinwheel. The line shaft continues on the opposing side to spin a turn of the century shoe polisher and a wall of interconnected bicycle wheels. Shovels hang from the ceiling while being punched by boxing gloves and old dry cleaner racks play the xylophones.

In an age of digital automation this purely mechanical machine was created by trial and error, with the driving thought “Maybe this will work.”


I’ve never been to the City Museum located in downtown St. Louis) although my grandkids have.  It’s said to be quite interesting and eclectic, as this video shows.  I need to go there.


Chilly Willy

Hot chilesA German man caught with his trousers down in front of a group of young women claimed he was only trying to get cool air to his private parts because he had touched his willy after chopping extra hot chillies.

He told police that the stinging sensation was unbearable and he had been forced to drop his trousers in the hope that the cool air would cool things down at Bielefeld, Germany.

Hannes Maier, 68, was first reported standing in a long coat with his trousers down in front of pizza hut in front of a window where a group of young women were having a pizza.

He then repeated the action in front of a nearby McDonald’s where there was also a group of young women.

He told police: “I did not look to see who was there – the pain was unbearable and I had to get some fresh air to my member.”


Thanks DJ


Caption contest finalists

Winner gets a full copy of Notifier2.  Winner decided tomorrow morning.

Mermaid in hearse

Here are the finalists for the caption contest:

A.  I was a little late, because I had to re-hearse this tale of a whale.

B.  Tonight on Cinemax, Willy Wonka and the Fetish Factory.

C.  And just as he was about to slam the door shut, I woke up at home in my bed…

D.  Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville with Wee-Man as Sebastian and this is ‘bAriel at sea’.

Which is the best caption?

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