Friday Firesmith – On War and Freedom

If you did this as the first step towards the unleashing of war, well then, it is evident that nothing else is left to us but to accept this challenge of yours. If, however, you have not lost your self–control and sensibly conceive what this might lead to, then, Mr. President, we and you ought … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Going to Pot

Today we’re kicking off a weekly column by Mike Firesmith.  Mike lives in rural Georgia with his three dogs and describes himself as… A writer.  My writing reflects the things I see, think, and experience, and those things in my past that have led me to be me. It is not always pretty, it is not always … Read more

A few changes on B&P

A couple of changes you’ll see in the next couple of days…. Friday Firesmith: B&P reader, and writer, Mike Firesmith will be writing a column for Bits & Pieces every Friday.  We’re going to call his column Friday Firesmith.  It’ll appear early tomorrow morning and hopefully every Friday until he runs out of lead in … Read more