Ratings plugin update

RatingsI deleted the ratings plugin and re-installed it from scratch.  I didn’t lose the previous data (ratings) as I was led to believe would happen.  I was also unable to reproduce the error it was generating the last couple of days.  So, hopefully, no one else will have that problem either. 

Please let me know if you notice any peculiarities with the rating of posts or comments.



Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties dogWe’re experiencing technical difficulties with our ratings plugin.  This plugin allows you to rate posts and comments.  A few people (just 2 or 3 have contacted me) about getting an error when trying to access B&P.  It works fine for me unless I use an Incognito window, then I get the error. 

The plugin was creating another minor problem for me on the backend of the site. I had the plugin’s main programmer looking at the issue for me and he couldn’t find the problem. He spent a couple of hours working on it for free,  so I applaud him for his efforts.

So, I have deactivated the plugin and I can’t reproduce the error any more. 

I may try to completely uninstall and reinstall the plugin to see if that might help.  The problem with that is that even if it works, we’ll lose all the previous ratings.  Still, that seems like the best course of action for me.  If that fails then I’ll be looking for a new rating plugin.

FYI:  There is a site that will tell you if B&P (or any other site) is down for everyone of just for you. You might want to save this link as it could help you in figuring out if it’s your problem or the website’s problem .


I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.



B&P Turns 14

14 yearsIt was fourteen years ago yesterday that the very first post appeared on Bits & Pieces.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride at times.  I’ve posted some interesting, weird and funny things along the way… many of which you’ve contributed.  Thank you!

I’ve met a lot of interesting people, both online and in person. I’ve met a few weird ones too. I’ve heeded your advice on places to eat and things to see while on road trips.  I’ve shared in life’s blessings and sorrows with many of you.  I’ve shared links with fellow bloggers and we’ve discussed different things both online and in person about running a website.  Thank you! 

Sure it’s had its trials and tribulations but it’s also had its perks and peaks too.  It’s just like life, full of highs and lows and continually moving on.  I don’t know what the future will bring, but I can tell you that it’s still fun to do so I think I’ll continue doing it for a while. Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who visit – whether you stop by every once in a while or whether you’re here several times a day.  Thanks especially to those who take time to comment.  For without you this site would not exist.   Thank you.




Donations accepted2I’ve been having some issues with the website and posting to it.  I spent a few hours troubleshooting it Saturday and Sunday.  During these tests I changed the theme briefly and disabled all the plugins as part of the testing. 

I haven’t really solved the issues I was having, but I did manage to break the Donation plugin that was always on the right sidebar near the top.  While I was at a conference a few months ago I learned about what is said to be a better Donation plugin called Give.  So I thought I would give that one a try since I had to sort of start over in that department.  For the user it’s basically the same.  It gives me a little more control on the back end. 

It works because I received the first generous donation this afternoon.  I have some new B&P drink coasters that I thought I’d send some out to anyone who makes a donation to help support B&P. 

So, if you make a donation please make sure your address is correct with PayPal (or send me a mailing address) and expect a token of our appreciation in the mail in the near future.



B&P Global Chat on Sunday Morning

Sunday at 10 am EDT

BAGC-logo_small2How about a B&P Global Chat Sunday Morning about 10 am Eastern time (9 am my time)?  You have to figure out what time it is in your neck of the woods.  I’ll try to be on by then, but I might be a few minutes late.  Everyone is welcome!

Here’s a link to the chatroom. 

Turn your webcam on if you have one.  Webcam not required to chat.

No sign up required.  Just login as guest and change your name to your B&P screen name.

See you Sunday morning!


Technical Difficulties

Website problems

Bits and Pieces was down for a few hours Tuesday evening.  A talk with tech support told me that there was some kind of “scripting error” and the best answer would be to restore a backup of the site.  So I did that and lost some of the posts and most of the comments from Tuesday. 

I was able to resurrect some of those posts but not all of them.  Everything else appears to be back and working normally.  Let me know if you find other problems besides the few missing posts.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


New: Quicktags in comments

QuicktgsYou can now easily make your comments (or part of them) bold or italicize them by clicking the buttons located on top left of the comment box.  You can also create a block quote and insert a link using the quicktag buttons.

As always when trying new plugins, this is a test.  Sometimes plugin incompatibilities create problems for the site and must be removed.  We will remove any plugin that creates a  problem.