Technical Difficulties

Bits and Pieces was down for a few hours Tuesday evening.  A talk with tech support told me that there was some kind of “scripting error” and the best answer would be to restore a backup of the site.  So I did that and lost some of the posts and most of the comments from […]

New Rule!

New Rule: If you post your site name on an image I will no longer go to the trouble of creating a ‘via’ link to your site to post under the image.  However, I will continue to post a link to where I found the image if it’s on a different site.


New: Quicktags in comments

You can now easily make your comments (or part of them) bold or italicize them by clicking the buttons located on top left of the comment box.  You can also create a block quote and insert a link using the quicktag buttons.

As always when trying new plugins, this is a test.  Sometimes plugin incompatibilities create problems for […]

B&P becomes a teenager

Somehow the anniversary of the start of Bits and Pieces slipped by me. It was on March 31, 2002, that the first ever B&P post appeared. 

 Happy Belated 13th Birthday!  

13 years is a very long time for a blog to hang around.  While we don’t get as many visitors as we once did […]

Do It Daily

 No, it’s not another smut site on the internet. 

It’s the latest from Krisgo!  It has crafts, recipe’s and projects.   It’s similar to one of her other sites Do It And How.

Check it out –  Do It Daily 


B&P – New and Improved!

We’ve migrated this site and Bits of Wisdom  to a new server as part of a managed hosting package from our hosting provider.  What does this mean ?  The server is set up specifically for WordPress, the software platform running the sites. The site should be faster in loading and there should be less chance for downtime and […]

B&P Site Problems

Bits & Pieces was down off and on quite a bit on Friday but seemed pretty normal over the next couple of days.  This morning it was experiencing frequent down time and delays in loading.  I contacted the hosting tech support and they said the server was being very erratic and that they’re working on it […]

Problem uploading comment images – Solved

There seems to be a problem uploading images in comments. I’ve done a little research and it appears related to a suite of plugins called Jetpack.  Jetpack is a very useful plugin that I’d hate to stop using.  I read somewhere that they’re working on it but that message was 7 months old. 


New Star Rating System

I’m trying a new Star Rating plugin for posts and comments.  I was having some issues with individual posts and some other issues when I posted things to the Best of Bits Facebook page. 

Some of these rating systems don’t fare well when used on a shared server so we’ll see how […]

B&P turned 12 yesterday

It was twelve years ago yesterday that the very first post  appeared on Bits & Pieces. 

Thanks to all of you who visit –  whether you stop by every once in a while or whether you’re here several times a day.  Thanks especially to those who take time to comment.  For without you this site would not […]

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