Snowball tree

Mar snow6

I took these pictures this morning while walking the dogs.  The sun is shining brightly on the 6 inch snowfall that’s clinging to everything.  You can click the pictures below to enlarge them.  You might notice that the one below with Gus doing his business on the street.  The flag pole in the background was the same one featured in the Christmas morning photo I posted here.

Mar snow1 Mar snow2  Mar snow9 Mar snow8  Mar snow5 Mar snow7  


Open Mic Saturday



It’s snowing and thundering here in St. Louis again.  It was in the 80’s earlier this week.  Last week it hit the 80’s and snowed on the weekend too.  We’re supposed to get anywhere from 1 to 5 inches depending on where you are in the area.

Trixie porch Snowy trees
Trixie on the back porch  and just a view of the budding trees in the snow.  Click to enlarge

Here’s Gus and Trixie in a picture I took yesterday as I was preparing to go out and run an errand.  They don’t like it when I leave.  Click to enlarge

Gus on steps Trixie on steps2

Roller derbyRoller Derby
Weather permitting we’re heading out for dinner and to watch some Roller Derby tonight.  There are some teams in the St. Louis area and their season starts tonight.  I went to a couple of Roller Derby matches in the early 70’s and it was fun so I think this will be fun too.


Balmy in St. Louis

St pats tempIt hit 81°F this afternoon.  That is a record for this date.  The previous high for St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis was 77°F in 1966.

 What a beautiful day here in St. Louis.  It’s going to get a little cooler the next few days a pretty good chance for rain too, but still not bad for March.

I took two motorcycles out for a short ride to the car wash and gave them both a much needed washing.

It felt good to be out in the fresh air.  Normally in the spring I get some allergies and riding is tough until about June.


5 day forecast