‘We are in the tornado’

Authorities in northeast Texas were assessing damage Monday morning after a tornado destroyed homes, knocked train cars off their tracks and injured at least four people.

Five homes in Rice, Texas, were destroyed as 125 mph winds whipped through a seven-mile swath of Navarro County Sunday evening, said Eric Meyers, the county’s emergency management coordinator.

Meyers rode out the tornado inside a vehicle and videotaped the twister as it tore the roof off a school about a block away.



A view of things to come

Winter road scene

Today is the first full day of fall. I used to find fall depressing because it meant everything was dying and it also meant back to school.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to really enjoy the fall season with its color changes and cool brisk air.

 I ran across this picture yesterday.  I always enjoy the first snow of the year. I might enjoy thew first two or three snows this year because I won’t have to go out in them and fight the traffic to get to work.  But after the first few, I’ve had enough of it and am ready for spring.

Of course if all snows were like this, snow covered trees and clear pavement, then it could snow every day and I’d be OK with it.  Just beautiful.