Meanwhile, in Russia…

Man thinks twice about venturing out in a storm and returns to garage…

Tornado in Bashkiria (Russia)

Thanks Ernie


Lightning over St. Louis and the Gateway Arch

A mega-compilation of lightning over the Gateway Arch and St. Louis skyline.



Lighting up the Arch

We’ve been having afternoon storms roll through every afternoon the last few days.  This was captured yesterday.


Thanks Dawn B


2014 Winter Outlook



Thanks Deanna


The path of least resistance



Storms over St. Louis

We had a storm roll through about 8:30 last night that was pretty epic.  Here are a few pics that a local TV station posted.

  More pictures here


California Drought Over Time

Thanks sg


Dust Devil Spins Massive Fire

Thanks Mike F


You know it’s hot when…

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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