Astounding Flood Video From The Shimen Dam

Wide open floodgates after typhoon in Taiwan.

Thanks Ernie


Waterfall Reverses Direction

It was so windy in England yesterday that this waterfall reversed direction.

Read all about it.

Thanks Janet


Weatherman vs. Dog

Thanks Comedy Wizard


Rainbows Over Missouri

As I pulled onto I-70 out of Columbia MO heading east to St. Louis I was greeted with this sight.

About a half hour later this appeared…

As I was getting ready to post the pic above my son sent me this photo he took over Desoto MO which is south of St. [...]

Experience A Flash Flood Up Close

Watch as a Flash Flood In Utah occurs on a perfectly dry day in a dry river bed. This flash flood is the result of close to 3″ of rain that fell approximately 40 miles North of the location in the video. This was filmed about 6+ hours after the heavy rainfall. So if [...]

She absolutely, positively wants a donut

Thanks Comedy Wizard


5 Seconds of Summer – FallSongs






Meanwhile, in Russia…

Man thinks twice about venturing out in a storm and returns to garage…

Tornado in Bashkiria (Russia)

Thanks Ernie


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