Going Home

We’re sitting at the airport waiting for the flight home. I started feeling bad last night  (sinus congestion) and was only able to sleep for about 2 hours, so my butt is dragging today. The WIFI is really slow here so I wont beposting until I get home tonight.

Hooters Hula-Hoop Girl

Thanks Mike (From Spain) Hooters Girl Can Hula Hoop Thanks Mike (From Spain) […]

Fun Audit

86 Year-Old Gymnast

Amazing 86-Year-Old Gymnast


Thanks Mike (From Spain)


Open Mic Saturday

Won’t be around too much this weekend. Taking the motorcycles out for the first time today for a wash and test ride.  Dinner with friends this evening.

Tomorrow we’re meeting with friends for the first ride of the year.  Not sure where we’re headed but we’ll end up having lunch while out.  The weather is […]

Open Mic Friday


Henry Dagg – Somewhere Over The Rainbow



Faucet Fail


Super… women?

From The Big Bang Theory

Thanks Mike (From Spain)


Facebook Duck Hunting

Thanks Bryce


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