Dachshund’s Creek



Weatherman vs. Dog

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Jimmy Kimmel – Pot Quiz

Read all about it.


Better Call Saul: The Song

This ‘Better Call Saul’ music video teases more of the show now in production.

Read all about it.



Cringeworthy Postseason Baseball Promo

Pedro Martinez and the TBS Postseason team re-enact the famous 2005 sports blooper video “Boom Goes The Dynamite.”

 I feel so bad for this kid who was trying to break into broadcasting.  

What’s Brian Collins doing now?  (Article from 2010)


Bad Lip Reading – ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4



People with Funny Names Arrested



Interviewer: Why is that funny?

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Television for cats

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Mo’ne Davis takes on Jimmy Fallon

Little League Worlds Series star Mo’ne Davis goes one on one against Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon.

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