Road Trip 2010 – San Antonio to Galveston plus one burger

The Best Burger in Texas Tour continues…

Bubbas1The day started out in San Antonio.  After breakfast we got on the road about 9 am.  First destination:  Bubba’s Texas burger Shack in downtown Houston.  We arrived right at 1 pm.  The ‘Shack’ in the name of the place isn’t just a catchy phrase… Bubba’s is a shack, sitting in the shadows of a highway viaduct.  we ordered our food and sat outside to eat.

I had the buffalo burger.  It was absolutely great.  As a matter of fact I can unequivocally say it was the best burger I’ve had in Texas.  The fact that it is the only burger I’ve had in Texas doesn’t diminish how good it was.  It was excellent.

B&P reader and Trading Station contributor, Charlie joined us for lunch.

Bubbas2 Bubbas3

After about an hour and a half we left and headed for Galveston.  Galveston is on the Gulf of Mexico.  We found a hotel on the seawall road with rooms facing the gulf at a very reasonable price.  We’re going to spend two nights here.

This is the view from our balcony.

Galveston2 Galveston3
Looking for a place to eat.          Relaxing at the pool after dinner.

The view from a jetty looking back at the seawall and Galveston.

Tomorrow we headed to the Johnson Space Center and then just kind of hang out in Galveston.


From Waco to San Antonio… and an Oasis

The I Can’t Believe It Didn’t Rain Yet Tour continues today with leaving Waco Texas after breakfast and heading down to Austin.  Oasis2We debated about taking the extra 30 minutes off course to visit the Oasis on Lake Travis.  But I convinced them to go.  I think they thought it was worth it.  The ride up there was pretty and hilly, with hills being something we haven’t seen much of so far on this trip.  They’re in the middle of a major expansion at the Oasis.  Building more shops and restaurants and lofts.  The view is spectacular.  We had lunch, but I was there about 8 or 9 years ago for a sunset dinner and it was spectacular.  Our food today was good and the service was good too.Oasis1 Click pics to enlarge.

Alamo1After leaving Lake Travis we headed for San Antonio.  Scattered storms were predicted for this afternoon and evening, so I kept my eye out on the sky waiting.  I don’t like riding in the rain.  We were hoping we’d stay ahead of the rain, and I guess we did, because we didn’t hit it…. yet.

Once we hit San Antonio we headed straight for the Alamo downtown.

The River Walk is just a couple of blocks from the Alamo.  So we called around and got a reasonable rate at a downtown hotel, so we parked the bikes and headed out on foot to explore the River Walk.  The San Antonio River Walk (also known as Paseo del Río) is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath downtown San Antonio, Texas. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants, the River Walk is an important part of the city’s urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Riverwalk1 Riverwalk2 Riverwalk3

After dinner and drinks we decided to walk back to our hotel and call it a night.  After getting lost and walking around in a complete 4 block circle we DID walk back to our hotel and call it a night.

Tomorrow we’re off to Galveston.  We’re passing thru Houston and stopping at Bubba’s Burger Shack about 1:00–1:30 pm.  Charlie, are you gonna be there?


Road Trip 2010 – The Tragedy Tour

Following the Are We There Yet Tour, today’s episode is the Tragedy Tour. We visited two of our nations great tragedies.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
This morning we visited the Oklahoma National Memorial in downtown Oklahoma City where 168 people lost their lives on April 19, 1995 when the Murrah Federal Building was bombed.

Reflecting pool

Click to enlarge

Okc1 Okc2 Okc3 Okc4 Okc6 Okc7

The memorial features a reflecting pool, two gates of time, the Field of Chairs, the Survivor Tree, a Memorial Fence, a Children’s Area, Rescuer’s Orchard and a museum.  More information can be found here.

The memorial is very well designed and presented.

The Sixth Floor Museum
We then moved on to Dallas and Dealy Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Dealy plaza1
This is the old School Book Depository building overlooking Dealy Plaza where the young president was in a limousine at about the same location as the second car (above) when Lee Harvey Oswald fired from the sixth floor corner window killing President Kennedy.  Oswald had bought the gun for $12.78.

Deak]ly2 Dealy plaza1 Dealy3 Dealy4 Dealy5 Dealy6 Dealy7

The building now houses a museum  and it’s very moving to visit, especially if you remember the events of that day.  More information on the Sixth Floor Museum.

I would have posted more pictures but I’m having trouble with my graphic software on my laptop.

Tomorrow it’s off to Austin and then San Antonio.  We’re supposed to run into some rain tomorrow afternoon or evening.  Hopefully we’ll be done riding for the day.

We miss you Mel and Janet.


Road Trip 2010 – St. Louis to OK City and a good steak

The Are we There Yet Tour begins…


We rode down to Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.  We had about a 40 minute wait to be seated, but it was worth it.  The steaks were excellent and our waiter, Billy Jack, told us we had to try lamb fries.  Lamb fries are battered and deep fried lamb testicles.  They were delicious too.

Lamb fries
Mike and Pat thinking twice about the lamb fries.  But we all shared them.  They were served with cocktail sauce.  I thought they tasted like fish, but maybe that’s because the batter and the flaky texture.

Tomorrow we’re off to visit the Murrah building memorial and then heading towards Dallas which is about a 4 hour ride.


Texas Road Trip 2010

Texas Trip 2010One week from today we’ll be heading out on another road trip.  Pat’s bike is still in the shop, so it remains to be seen whether we’ll be on motorcycles or take the car.

We’ll head out Saturday morning from St. Louis down I-44 to Oklahoma City.  We want to see the Murrah Building Memorial and then head out for Dallas.  We plan to visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Daley Plaza there.

Monday we’ll go on down to Austin and/or San Antonio. 

I’ve eaten dinner at The Oasis on Lake Travis  at sunset.  Not sure we can make that happen again, but I’d like to.  Also might visit the LBJ Library.   We plan to visit the River Walk in San Antonio and the Alamo.  Tuesday we’ll head over to Houston and the Gulf.  We may try and tour the Johnson Space Center.  We’ll stay somewhere near the Gulf.  Wednesday we’ll travel along the gulf to Ocean Springs Mississippi where we’ll spend a couple days. While in that area we may visit the French Quarter and the World War II Museum in New Orleans  On Saturday we’ll start the journey home, heading on up to Memphis.  Sunday we plan to leave Memphis and arrive home that afternoon or evening.  Total mileage is 2,485 if we don’t vary the route at all, so I’m thinking we’ll hit 2,600 or 2,700 miles.

Here’s where you come in…
We’re looking for suggestions of things to see or do, or places to eat along the way.  We usually try to stay at cheap to moderate hotels.  Our only requirements are that they be clean, safe and have internet access.  Any recommendations on that front would be appreciated also.


Australia is paying to bring Oprah and her audience to Sydney

OprahIt won’t cost Oprah a cent!

Australia paid 2.3 million US dollars to bring American megastar Oprah Winfrey with her famed chat show — and its screaming audience — to the country to boost its global profile, officials said Tuesday.

Winfrey told an ecstatic American studio audience of 300 they would be flown to Australia to film episodes of her show during a tourist dash which would take in beaches, vineyards, Sydney Harbour and the city’s “Oprah” House.

The rest of the story



Book a seat on Oceanic Flight 815

OceanicA web Easter egg….

On travel booking site, search for a one-way flight between Sydney (SYD) and Los Angeles (LAX) for September 22nd, 2010.

One of the choices will be Oceanic Airlines Flight 815, the famous fictional flight from the popular TV show LOST. Just don’t get on the plane, lest you find yourself being chased by an incongruous polar bear.



All tuckered out from Kentucky ride

We made it home safe…whether we can say sound is debatable.  855 miles in all from Friday thru Sunday. We had to deal with some rain on Saturday, but we were pretty much able to travel around the showers.  We got a little wet, but never soaked.  Thanks to all the readers who made suggestions on place to visit.  We certainly took in a few of those when we could work it out.  What follows are a few highlights from the weekend.

The Jefferson Davis MonumentJDmonument
The Jefferson Davis monument is located in Fairview Kentucky.  It is at the site where Jefferson Davis, who would become the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War, was born.  Ironically, the man who would be his chief adversary in the war, Abraham Lincoln, was born less than 100 miles away in Hodgenville KY.

At 351 feet tall, it is the largest [unreinforced] concrete obelisk in the world, and the fifth tallest monument in the United States. The top four are St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, 630 feet tall; San Jacinto (Texas) Monument, 570 feet (built to the peoples who created an independent country — just like the Confederates); the Washington Monument, 555 feet; and the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put in Bay, Ohio, which, at 352 feet, nudges its way past the Davis obelisk by a mere extra 12 inches.  More on the Jefferson Davis Memorial. 

JD memorial1
No, that’s not a decorative helmet.  The monument happens to be behind me in the background.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q
The world renown Moonlite Bar-B-Q in Owensboro Kentucky filled the bill for these weary travelers late Friday afternoon.  The food was excellent.

My buddy Mike in…
Mike cave
….The Cave I Never Saw

Ease on down the road
Ease on down the road
Highway 146 out of Vienna KY.

Self Portrait
This is me and the lovely lady in the background is my wife Patn.  This was taken on a Kentucky backroad Sunday morning.

The Missouri Wall of Fame is a mural that was painted on the Mississippi River flood wall at Cape Girardeau Missouri.  It depicts 45 famous people who were born in the state or achieved fame while living there. A list of those people can be found here.
Wall of fame1 Wall of fame2 

We also narrowly escaped a Revrick Encounter.  Whew!  🙂


Places I’ve never seen

Visitors center cave
This is the first in a series (possibly) of places I’ve been, but never saw.  We just stopped by the park long enough to snap this photo and buy a T-shirt shortly before closing time this evening.

After this, and another brief shower, we rode into Bowling Green and had dinner at Mariah’s Restaurant.  A very nice place with good food, but a little pricey for me.

A long day with little to show for it.  But hey, I was able to purchase my senior National Park Pass. So, not a total loss.