Vacation planning…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

A mid-air announcement

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

Left Behind


Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

We visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library today.  Below is a replica of the Reagan Oval Office in the White House.  It is decorated as it was during the Reagan administration.

The presidential seal on the front of a podium.

Air Force One, a Boeing 707, used by seven presidents including Ronald Reagan.  The current Air Force […]

OK… It is Hot!

This was the display in our car as we headed back from Simi Valley towards Marina Del Rey.  It actually read 117°F but changed before I could get the camera ready.  This is the highest temperature I’ve ever experienced.  It was 108 a few years ago when I was in Las Vegas. 

 It […]

A few more pics from our trip…

Posing at the Let’s Make A Deal  taping.

Logan escaping the chilly surf.

Logan, on the rocks.

Gas prices vary a LOT within just a few blocks in Los Angeles.  This is the highest we saw today.  Just down the street a few blocks it was going for $2.799.  When we left home it was $2.17 The […]

Weekend Open Mic – California Edition

Weather:  The Los Angeles area is so large and the weather can vary quite a bit from one area to another.  For that reason most meteorologists have several different forecasts. The high temperature on Monday varies from the mid 90°s to 110°F depending on the area.  Below is the forecast for the main […]

A few more pictures…

Click images to enlarge. 

Lake Kaweah is located just before you enter Sequoia National Park.  More info. 

Moon Over America]


Sunset at Venice Beach

I took this right after sunset this evening at Venice Beach California.  Click to enlarge


Sequoia National Park

Here are just a few of the 300+ pics taken since we got to California.  The weather was downright chilly Thursday morning.  We were in jackets and sweatshirts in the mountains.  They’re now saying the temperature could hit 107°F by Monday in the area.  Click on pics to enlarge.

Welcome to L.A. traffic.


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