Washington DC from the air…

I flew into Reagan Washington National Airport and changed planes for the second leg of my flight to Providence Rhode Island. Taking off from the airport gave me this cool view. Above are the Washington Monument and the National Mall lined by the Smithsonian National Museum with the United States Capitol Building at the far end. The White House is just off of the Ellipse on the left side of the image. You can’t see the Lincoln Memorial or the Reflecting Pool.   Click to enlarge.



On the return of my trip to Atlanta over the weekend, my gas tank was getting pretty low so I decided to stop at the first place I came upon which happened to be some rinky-dink station in the middle of nowhere so I pulled in.  The display on the first two pumps couldn’t be read partially because they were in direct sunlight and even using my body to block the sun I could not read the instructions on the screen.  They say the third time is a charm, or something like that, so I pulled over to a pump that was shaded and the screen was viewable. Finally!  I put my credit card in, selected credit vs. debit and entered my zip code.  Walla! it worked!  I was told to remove the nozzle and select the grade of gas I wanted.  I did and the video above shows how the pump dispensed the gasoline into my car.  

I pulled the pump out. Restarted it and could not get it to work any faster.  I stopped it at $1.60 which seemed to take a very long time to get that much.  Had I stayed there to complete my fill-up, I’d probably still be there.

I mosied on down the highway and found a more friendly gas pump at the next station.