Driving Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Highway

More photos here.

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Tower Of London Tour

I posted these a long time ago.  It’s about time to see them again. There are five parts.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Windowless Aircraft – The Future of Flying

Read all about it.

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I think I picked the wrong flight

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Installing Wi-Fi on an airplane

See what it takes to bring passengers internet connectivity in the skies. United installed new satellite Wi-Fi that can keep you connected during long-haul overseas flights.

The rest of the story.

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The road less traveled

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Welcome to Xcaret

This looks like a cool place to see.

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Flying Ozark Airlines

When I was a teenager my friend Mickey and I did all kinds of things together.  Ozark Airlines had a weekend special where you could fly anywhere Ozark flew over the weekend for either $30 to $40 (I can’t remember now).  You could fly all weekend if you wanted to and that’s just what […]

MINI Road Trip Across Ireland

Read all about it.

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Caption Contest – 592

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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