Caption Contest – 592

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Why I fly Southwest

This is just one of the reasons I fly Southwest.  They don’t always do this though but when they do it makes the flight more enjoyable.



Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen


Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Amongst the Giant Sequoias

We climbed the 325+ steps to the top of Moro Rock.  Then we hiked around Crescent Meadow.  Much more walking that I’m used to.  Click images to enlarge.


We had a bag of chips in the car that we noticed was about to burst because of expansion at high altitudes.  The [...]

Hollywood Hijinx

Pirates of the Crazybeing

My grandsons Vince and Seth and me on Hollywood Blvd, and in the Hollywood Hills.

More on Solar Roadways

We posted a video the other day about this.  Here’s a video about their fundraising quest.

Read all about it.

 Solar Roadways


Memorial Day Travels




Around the World in 360°: A 3-Year Epic Selfie



Funny Pre-Flight Safety Briefing



Windy Landings and Takeoffs

Welcome to Birmingham, England – where pilots have white knuckles and steel balls. This eleven minute video highlights the skill and focus that is demanded from pilots who fly here. So, find something to bite down on, and imagine yourself flying in the back of one of these planes!

Read all about it.


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