Daddy’s Home

I made it home about noon today from a week long trip to Florida and this was my greeting….

I live close to the Meramec River just south of St. Louis and I have to cross that river to get home.  There are like 3 or 4 bridges that cross the river without going […]

Last Sunset in Paradise

This is the last sunset I’ll see here. I’m headed back to flooded Missouri on an 8:30 am flight.  The main interstate leading to my house (from the airport) is closed because of the flooding, so it will be an interesting adventure.  Click to enlarge.

Tonight my brother and I went to Amore […]

Meeting me – Meeting you

On Sunday afternoon I plan on stopping by the Broad Street Bar at Treasure Lanes in  Port Charlotte FL about 2 pm for a little while to visit a couple of damn nice fellows I’ve met there before, Fungus and Lunchbox.  If anyone is in that area and would like to meet up and share a […]

Meanwhile, in Florida…


We spent a little time visiting Naples fishing pier on Saturday.  A hat blew off the head of a woman on the pier and a dolphin began circling it for a few minutes.  Then we saw a dolphin with a quite large fish in its mouth surfacing near us.  After a quick dive, the […]

Meanwhile, in Florida…

After returning to the condo my brother has rented, Google presented me with this video it created of the pictures I took today of the condo and a pontoon boat ride we took this morning.  The temperature is in the mid-90s but there was a good breeze out on the lake.

Some of the lots […]

Open Mic

I’m off to Florida to spend a week with my brother, just the two of us.  I’ll try to have a few posts up each day while I’m gone but there will be fewer than normal.  I’ll try to post a little from my adventures there.  I’ll return next Thursday so things should […]

747 – Stowaway view

Ever wonder what it would be like top stowaway in the wheel well of a Boeing 747?

Thanks Ernie  

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee…..

Thanks, Jeff M

United Airlines Customer Service

And then there’s Southwest Airlines…

Meanwhile, at the airport…

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