Penn & Teller Meet Jonco

I went to the Penn & Teller magic show at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Tuesday night.  I had bought the cheapest seat I could find online and when I got there they upgraded me to dead center in the theater. 

Jonco and penn Jonco and teller

These two guys show you how illusions are done all while performing another illusion on you.  To me the best illusions are the simplest ones.

Penn and teler stage

Before the show starts everyone in the audience is invited onstage to examine this large crate.  You can roll it around get inside it check for trap doors and be sure that there is just one door, the lid, on it.   It stays on the stage and when the show starts Teller emerges from the box.

After the show Penn & Teller wait outside the theater and greet the audience members.  It was a very entertaining show.