Humans Need Not Apply

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23 Electronics That Will Make You Feel Old

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Navdy – Heads Up Navigation Display For Your Car

Read all about it.



Kids React To Typewriters

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Imagine using a phone from your car!


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JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot

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Steve Jobs vs Dennis Ritchie

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Gofor – Drones On Demand

Gofor provides drones on demand. Using the mobile app, you can task a drone to complete a variety of helpful tasks.

Read all about it.



Creepy Dancing Robot

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The HUVr Board

It’s almost real!  Probably a promo for Back To The Future 4 or something.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

Very well made but if you look at 3:27 mark on the video you’ll see the shadow of the wiring harness on the white building.


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