Who owns the west?

Federal land as a percentage of total state land area.  Quite surprising!  Click to enlarge.


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St. Patrick’s Day By The Numbers

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Mayo Rules…. but hot sauce is growing faster

Read all about it   Click to enlarge.

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Thanksgiving By The Numbers

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50 Ways To Kill A Character

A look at how people died in Alfred Hitchcock films.  Click to enlarge

More Hitchcock Obsessions

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Beach Behavior

Would you wear Speedos?  Go Topless?

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Population Distribution By Age Through The Years

Here’s an animation of the U.S population distribution, by age, from 1900 through 2060, demonstrating the gradual aging of the US population.

“In 1900, the graph was fairly steep, but with improving health care, the graph has flattened out over the last 100 years… Watch for: 1) the original baby bust preceding the baby boom (the decline in births prior to and during the Depression). Those are the people currently in retirement. 2) the Baby Boom is obvious. 3) By […]

Some Statistics



Girls and Guns

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The British Monarchy Explained

Here’s an alternate view on the British Monarchy.

The British Monarchy Explained (An alternative view) from Gary Dumbill



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