The Truth About Crime in St. Louis

St. Louis has long gotten a bad rap about the crime rate.  The big difference is in how statistics are figured based on the size of the ‘metropolitan area’.

 Thanks to increased joint efforts by local law enforcement and “hot spot” policing, crime in St. Louis City continues to decrease and has actually dropped [...]

Guess what day it is?

Blake S sends along this image he created.  Blake is a Cardinal fan like me, Gus and Trixie.


Thanks Bake



Thank you Albert Pujols and Mark McGwire.  We couldn’t have done it with you!

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Oh Deer!


I was driving down my street this morning and saw two deer run across the road.  Then I looked to my left and saw four more deer grazing in one of my neighbor’s yards.  I don’t remember ever seeing six deer at one time on my street before.  Click  to enlarge


Go Cards!

We interrupt this website with a personal indulgence of the webmaster as he salutes his hometown baseball team on their great season.  Bring on the post season playoffs!

We now resume regular programming.

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On This Day – Daniel Boone Died in 1820

On this day in 1820 Daniel Boone died at the home of his son on the Femme Osage in St. Charles County (Missouri). He was 88. Boone was buried two days later in Marthasville Missouri.

But Frankfort, Kentucky obtained permission from surviving relatives and had the remains moved in 1845.

Some say [...]

Jimmy Kimmel vs. St. Louis’ Imo’s Pizza

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at St. Louis’ expense on his show Wednesday night, telling guest Jon Hamm that he is “St. Louis’ favorite son” and making him taste test Imo’s Pizza.

Kimmel, whose wife is from St. Louis, is not a fan of the city’s culinary treasures.

This isn’t the first time [...]

Red sky at night…

I took this with my camera phone at a local high school football game tonight.  Click to enlarge.


September Sunrise

I took this picture a couple of days ago as the sun was rising across the Mississippi River.


Phil The Gorilla – A St. Louis Zoo Legend

September 10, 1941, 72 years-ago yesterday, Phil the Gorilla arrived at the St Louis Zoo. Weighing 30 pounds, he had been captured in Cameroon (then known as French Equatorial Africa), & was named after Phil Carroll, the collector who brought him to our city. The zoo had purchased him & three other gorillas for [...]

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