So much for global warming…



Thanks James B


Barging Up The River

We got a coating of snow overnight that wreaked havoc on the roads this morning but it was a pretty scene as this barge headed up the Mississippi River to St. Louis.  Click image to enlarge.


Busch Stadium – Old and New

This photo shows part of old Busch Stadium as it was being demolished to make way for the new Busch Stadium being built during the off-season before 2006′s opening day.  Click to enlarge.



Rock & Roll Has Got To Go!

St. Louis’ KWK was the very first radio station I can remember hearing as a kid.  Apparently they decided that they weren’t going to play rock & roll music.   Variety Magazine, in its January 22, 1958 issue noted, “St. Louisans Heave of Rock n’ Roll”.  I don’t remember this at all.  But it might be why [...]

Arch Advantage

Post-Dispatch photographer Reynold Ferguson, prone on top of the Arch, photographs the city below in February 1967.  Click to enlarge a little.

Update… Here’s a picture of the guy taking that picture.  

Now…. who took the picture of the guy taking the picture?



Barging Up the Icy Mississippi

My wife took this picture this morning of a barge heading up the river.



Opening Day – Just 91 Days Away

The St. Louis Cardinals will play their first game of 2014 at Busch Stadium on April 7th.  The first game of the season will be on the road in Cincinnati on April 2nd.  It looks a lot farther way than that in this photo.  Click to enlarge.



Sorry Folks

A little snow and a little cold weather shut the city down.

Thanks Joni


Dashing through the snow…


Trixie cautiously inspecting the ruler stuck in the snow to measure the accumulation.  She loved the snow.  Gus, not so much.


Looks like a big warm up coming tomorrow

This is Cindy Preszler the meteorologist at the NBC affiliate here in St. Louis with the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  I just happened to be watching the news and saw this.


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