Visitors at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

We got a few inches of snow in the St. Louis area yesterday and overnight.  Here’s a photo from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in South St. Louis County. Deer are frequently seen at the cemetery.  Click Image to enlarge.

Photo by Holly Bommarito




Here Is St. Louis

Her’es another one of those videos about a city. This one is about my hometown, St. Louis Missouri.

Read all about it.

Here is St. Louis from Grain Inc. on Vimeo.




We’re Fine!

While all rivers in the St. Louis area have flooded this photo might be a slight exaggeration. The downtown area is holding up quite well with it’s levee system. All the news media is focusing on the Meramec River (a little south of the metropolitan area) which has caused the most damage and closed the most roads […]


Mo Flooding

We drove around some of the back roads and took a few pictures of the flooding.  We couldn’t get real close to the interstate where you could see the flooding.  These are mostly near the Meramec River, a little south of St. Louis.  Click images to enlarge.       Below are photos from the news […]


Meanwhile, in Missouri…

Thanks Hotz



Christmas Full Moon

 I took these photos Christmas night just as the clouds were coming in.  This was the first full moon on Christmas, known as a full cold moon (the last of the year), in 38 years.   The next one on Christmas will be in 2034.  Click to enlarge.





91 lb. Catfish caught in the Mississippi River

This 91lb. blue catfish was caught by Bill Martin of St. Louis (left) on Nov. 19 on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, just north of downtown St. Louis.


Thanks Hoosier



Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Though Veterans Day is for honoring the living veterans of the armed forces I ran across this photo from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis and thought I’d share it.  Click to enlarge. Posted to Imgur by Digitronical

The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial […]


Fall Colors

After driving a couple hours on Sunday to do some aerial photography at the farm my parents once owned I got home and realized the autumn colors were prettier in my own yard and neighborhood.



The Old Red Barn

On Sunday we took a little ride down to the farm my parents retired to back in the early 1970s.  They bought 61 acres of mostly wooded land in southeastern Missouri in the late 60s, a couple hours south of St. Louis.  There was nothing there but land.  They had a well dug, built […]

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