Circle By Nine – Mo Bottom Project

This is a song about the area and era that I grew up in.  The “Circle” in the song is Halls Ferry Circle, a roundabout in North St. Louis County where 6  streets intersect.  There were many businesses around the circle which opened in 1933. Most notably there was ‘Circle Steak’,  a Steak n’ Shake drive-in burger joint that teens cruised through most evenings but especially Friday and Saturday nights.  Sometimes we even ate there if we could find a parking place.



Spring Hailstorm

A storm came through the St. Louis area this afternoon.  Heavy rain and wind, followed by pretty good size hail that lasted for at least a half hour pummelled the area.  At one point I got hit on the hand by a hailstone – expletive not deleted.

I have an area of my gutter system that is lower in the center instead of at tilting towards the downspout,  so it overflows near my front door when we get really heavy rain.  

On the northern side of the metropolitan area, there was hail that appeared to be baseball size. Luckily that wasn’t too close to me.

Large hail, high winds cause damage in St. Louis area

lg hail



Buying concert tickets is nothing but a scam

I don’t go to concerts very often.  I’ve been to a few over the years but probably not as many as most people.  I have seen some of the biggest names in person though.  I’m talking Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Monkees, Elton John, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Cher, and Rod Stewart.  I’m sure there are a few more but can’t think of them at the moment.  Those were all when the performers came to St. Louis.  I’ve seen some others performing in Las Vegas… like Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Neil Sedaka, The Carpenters, Mac Davis, Smokey Robinson, Wayne Newton, and Little Richard (not in Las Vegas). 

Beatles Looking at that list now I guess it’s not too shabby, but that’s been over more than 40 years.  Ticket prices were a little cheaper back in the day.  We saw the Beatles in concert for the whopping price of $5.50 per ticket back in 1966. Granted they weren’t the best seats in thew house, but we were there.  Right arrow

Paul McCartney is coming to St. Louis this summer and tickets went on sale today at 10am.  I got online at exactly 10am and was “randomly selected” to be able to purchase tickets.  Tickets were priced anywhere from $20 to $250 per ticket.  I selected two tickets at $99.  A second or two later I got the message, “Tickets are not available together in the quantity you requested in this section at this time.” and was told to try again.  So I immediately selected two tickets in “Best Available (all price levels)” and got the same message.  So as a test I asked for one ticket in the “Best Available” category and got the same message.  So, there were NO TICKETS available the moment tickets went on sale.  None! 

I know many of you already know this and are used to it, but this pisses me off.  I looked at, a ticket resale vendor, and of course they have a shittload of tickets to this concert for sale already.  They range in price all the way up to $10,000 per ticket.  Many in the $200–$500 range.  Those are the tickets that normally sell for $69 to $169 each. 

I’m already pissed at the outrageous “convenience” fees that are tacked onto the price of tickets anyway so I won’t be buying tickets from scammers or brokers anytime soon.

Tickets go on sale at 10am.  Bullshit!

End of rant.



Wayward School Bus?

City museum

While it may appear as a school bus about to careen off the top of a building, it is an exhibit at the City Museum in downtown St. Louis MO.  City Museum is a museum, consisting largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects, housed in the former International Shoe Company building.  

You can board the bus from the rear and walk out to the front of the bus for a pretty interesting view.  The City Museum is a museum for children of all ages.  I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s very unique. You will have experiences there that you can’t elsewhere.



Winter Storm

Snow feb1

We’ve been really lucky this winter as far as bad weather goes.  It was 78°F over the weekend here.  This morning we woke up to this. It’s a short lived storm dropping anywhere from 3–8 inches of heavy wet snow. The winds are really blowing, gusting up to 45mph.  The snow is supposed to end by noon today but the winds will keep it up until sometime tomorrow. Fortunately the temperature is close to 32° and it’s expected to rise so this won’t last long. The power has gone out about 7 or 8 times since 5:30 this morning.  Luckily it comes back on in a short time.  So, if I don’t post as much today, that’s why. The photo is of the shed in my back yard . Click image to enlarge.

  Update…  Here’s a little video I shot of the dogs this morning.


Pump Houses on the Mississippi River at St. Louis

B&P reader James T sent me this video of some awesome drone footage he ran across of the pump houses near the old Chain of Rocks Bridge on the Mississippi River on the north side of St. Louis.  I grew up in that area so I know it very well.  The bridge is no longer in use as they’ve built a new wider bridge nearby (visible in the background).  The old Chain of Rocks Bridge was a two-lane bridge and it had a turn in it that was precarious (also visible), to say the least when I drove across it towing a wide camper trailer and seemed to always have to pass a semi coming from the other direction right at that bend in the bridge.  The barge at the end of the film is traveling up a canal on the Illinois side of the river because boats can’t traverse the “chain of rocks” by the pump houses.

As a side note, that old Chain of Rocks Bridge was used in at least two scenes in the 1981 film Escape From New York starring Kurt Russel.  They filmed many other scenes in and around St. Louis for that film.  James’ description follows the video.

Flew out to the pump houses from the Illinois side today during my lunch break and didn’t have a lot of time and makes me nervous still to fly out a half a mile over the Mississippi. The old Chain of Rocks bridge closed in 1968 and I remember driving with my dad many times across it. The Chain of Rocks is a low level dam and why there is the Chain of rocks Canal where the boat at the end of the video is at. Supertramp for the music today from Crisis what Crisis released in September 1975.

Water Intake Tower #1 is an oval shaped stone structure, Romanesque in style and identifiable by a green conical shaped roof. It was built in 1894 and designed by William S. Eames. Today it is still in use by the St. Louis Water Works and draws water into a seven foot diameter pipe which then takes it to the Chain of Rocks Plant. It has been designated as a St. Louis City Landmark.

Water Intake Tower #2 was built in 1915 and is also designated as a St. Louis City Landmark. The tower was designed by Roth & Study, who styled it after a Roman villa. It is unique in that it contained living quarters for the workmen who were on duty around the clock to man the gates and control the amount of water that was drawn from the Mississippi and sent to the Chain of Rocks Plant. Today this job is done electronically, thus the tower stands vacant. It is also still in use today by the St. Louis Water Works.

Thanks James