St. Louis… My home town!

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Wayward School Bus?


While it may appear as a school bus about to careen off the top of a building, it is an exhibit at the City Museum in downtown St. Louis MO.  City Museum is a museum, consisting largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects, housed in the former International Shoe Company building.  

You can […]

Winter Storm

We’ve been really lucky this winter as far as bad weather goes.  It was 78°F over the weekend here.  This morning we woke up to this. It’s a short lived storm dropping anywhere from 3–8 inches of heavy wet snow. The winds are really blowing, gusting up to 45mph.  The snow is supposed to end by noon today […]

Pump Houses on the Mississippi River at St. Louis

B&P reader James T sent me this video of some awesome drone footage he ran across of the pump houses near the old Chain of Rocks Bridge on the Mississippi River on the north side of St. Louis.  I grew up in that area so I know it very well.  The bridge is no […]

Visitors at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

We got a few inches of snow in the St. Louis area yesterday and overnight.  Here’s a photo from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in South St. Louis County. Deer are frequently seen at the cemetery.  Click Image to enlarge.

Photo by Holly Bommarito



Here Is St. Louis

Her’es another one of those videos about a city. This one is about my hometown, St. Louis Missouri.

Read all about it.

Here is St. Louis from Grain Inc. on Vimeo.


We’re Fine!

While all rivers in the St. Louis area have flooded this photo might be a slight exaggeration. The downtown area is holding up quite well with it’s levee system. All the news media is focusing on the Meramec River (a little south of the metropolitan area) which has caused the most damage and closed the most roads […]

Mo Flooding

We drove around some of the back roads and took a few pictures of the flooding.  We couldn’t get real close to the interstate where you could see the flooding.  These are mostly near the Meramec River, a little south of St. Louis.  Click images to enlarge.       Below are photos from the news […]

Meanwhile, in Missouri…

Thanks Hotz

Christmas Full Moon

 I took these photos Christmas night just as the clouds were coming in.  This was the first full moon on Christmas, known as a full cold moon (the last of the year), in 38 years.   The next one on Christmas will be in 2034.  Click to enlarge.




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