TJ Oshie – Not a Hero, but a Hell of a hockey player

TJ Oshie, who plays for the St. Louis Blues hockey team lead the US Olympic team to  thrilling 3 to 2 shootout victory over the Russia on Saturday in Sochi, Russia. 

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Olympic Snow Wars

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A couple of old Cardinals fans



Sportscaster’s response to Michael Sam coming out

Texas newsman Dale Hansen has some words about “the best defensive player in college football’s best conference” saying he’s gay before the NFL draft…



Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (Abridged)

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Oops! Speed Skater Almost Bares All

Olga Graf won Russia’s first medal at the Sochi Games Sunday but the speed skater will likely be remembered more for a wardrobe malfunction than her sporting prowess. After winning a surprising bronze medal in the women’s 3,000 meters, the 30-year-old pumped her arms in the air as the crowd roared. She then proceeded [...]

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Olympic Opening Ceremony

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U.S. bobsledder goes Kool-Aid Man on hotel bathroom door

With the Winter Olympic games underway, there is one major gripe that seems to be universal: the dismal state of accommodations in Sochi, Russia.

Visitors, journalists, and athletes have been tweeting about their troubles, from plumbing disasters to having stray dogs and construction workers wandering into still unfinished hotels rooms.

But, a story [...]

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