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FOX News – All those initials are confusing

Fox News Anchor host Calls UConn Basketball Team the ‘NAACP National Champs’ instead of the correct NCAA Champs.


LA Angels coach Don Baylor breaks leg on Opening Day

On Don Baylor’s first day of his new job the new LA Angels hitting coach breaks his leg catching the ceremonial pitch.

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World Champs


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Well… it finally happened…

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The Last Monday…



Old Navy, we have a problem…

Sure, the abbreviations for all of those M states may get a little confusing, and yes, there is a St. Louis, Mich., but the Cardinals are from St. Louis, Mo.

According to social media reports, the shirts, which first appeared in late February, were pulled from some stores soon after.



Bowling in the old days … Before machines were made that picked up your bowling pins and reset them on the lanes there were pinsetters, people that manually reset the pins after each turn.

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The Oops of Golf

I saw this post with the title “Why I don’t play golf”.   I think I WOULD play golf if it was like this all the time.  Hilarious! 

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Half Man Half Stingray

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Die professionelle OBD2 Werkzeuge Anbieter in Deutschland (Auto Diagnostic Tools)