The building of a stadium – Time Lapse

The most high-tech stadium required the most advanced webcam technology to document the construction progress from groundbreaking through opening day. Three EarthCam megapixel construction cameras, including the GigapixelCam, archived over 200,000 images during the 29 months of construction. This time-lapse movie was produced by using many of these HD images as well as [...]

Foul Foul Ball

Adam Jones’s aim was impeccable on Sunday, when he hit a foul ball straight back and into the home plate camera. The camera was shattered, and the scene was pretty impressive.



McIlroy’s golf shot lands in fan’s pocket

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Looking Good

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One beer too many?



Kicker Kicked

Pittsburg Steelers’ Antonio Brown kicked Browns’ Spencer Lanning in the head in a punt return in Sunday’s game.

Read all about it.  More video too.

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Football’s Back – Vacation’s Over



Mo’ne Davis takes on Jimmy Fallon

Little League Worlds Series star Mo’ne Davis goes one on one against Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon.

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Football GIF Generator

EA made the GIF generator as part of a promotional website for its new Madden NFL 15 football video game.  You can select the team, play, background and text for your personal GIF image.


Read all about it.


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