MVP Bumgarner gets truck with “technology and stuff”

The executive from the car company stumbled through handing over a new car to Giants star pitcher and used phrase ‘technology and stuff’ much to delight of tweeters.  Chevy executive Rikk Wilde presented Giants pitcher and 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner with the keys to a brand new truck. Things got a little awkward [...]

A Light Shines For Oscar

A lone light shines on right field at Busch Stadium in St. Louis as a tribute to St. Louis Cardinal right-fielder Oscar Taveras, 22, who was killed along with his girlfriend in a car crash in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.


Mimicking the Referee

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


MLB’s Ugliest Uniforms

If you ask Major League Baseball fans which team has the best uniforms, chances are the answer you receive will be their favorite team. Whether that’s truly the case, all of us love the colors and logo emblazoned upon the uniforms of our favorite baseball team. While it may be difficult to determine which [...]

Bump gone bad

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That Look…

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Cringeworthy Postseason Baseball Promo

Pedro Martinez and the TBS Postseason team re-enact the famous 2005 sports blooper video “Boom Goes The Dynamite.”

 I feel so bad for this kid who was trying to break into broadcasting.  

What’s Brian Collins doing now?  (Article from 2010)


Sneaky Goal

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


The 2014 Baseball Playoffs Hateability Index

The St. Louis Cardinals top the Wall Street Journals list of most hateable teams in 2014.

It’s probably no surprise but I’m not a fan of this report.  So, you hate them because they can win?  

 The rest of the story.


This is why you don’t overinflate your basketball



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