Windows 8

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Thank you, Windows 10

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

Ignore No More: Mom Creates App To Make Kids Call Her Back

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Visicalc – The granddaddy of spreadsheets

This brought back lots of memories for me with the Apple II and Visicalc.  After the success of Visicalc, Microsoft created Multiplan the precursor for Excel and the rest is history.

You can download and run a free PC version of Visicalc here.


Photoshop Experts Use Photoshop 1.0

Today’s photo-editing pros struggle mightily with Photoshop 1.0 software as Photoshop turns 25 years old.



Internet Explorer vs Murder rate


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Reasons I upgrade my software…



Photoshop PerspectiveWarp

I don’t use Photoshop but this looks really cool.

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Those inexplicable grammar “mistakes”




The power of Photoshop


I think she looked perfectly fine before any of that “fixing up.”


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