Customer Service Centre – Keep Out!

How’s that for customer service?

Shankar P. writes:
I took this photo at the telephone / internet service company’s branch in the residential area I reside in Bangalore, India.  This company is called BSNL and is operated by the Government of India and is the biggest telephone and internet service provider in India.

I found it interesting that the customer service center also sports a “Prohibited Area” sign at the entrance of the building.
By the way, I was in the US for 4 months from July to November 2011 and was living in Wichita, Kansas. I was there on work and my wife also accompanied me during my stay.  I traveled to a lot of places, around 3000 miles. Visited Kansas city, Chicago, the Quad city in Iowa, Iowa-80 (world’s largest truck stop), Oklahoma city, Hutchinson, Denver CO. Thought of coming to St. Louis, but was unable to come there. Well my friend, you country is really huge and was nice to us.

Customer service centre

Thanks Shankar