Promotional Discount for Bluetooth Headsets

I have 5 discount codes for anyone wanting to order a set of the Bluetooth Headsets I reviewed the other day.  The code will get you the headset for $19.99.  That’s a savings of $4.00 off the current sale price.  Any shipping charges will be the same as without the discount code.

Email me at […]

Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review

I’d never heard of the NAM brand but when I had a chance to try these out I thought what the heck!  I’ve used them for a couple of weeks. and the main thing I came away with about them is that they sound really good.  I’m not an audiophile by any means but […]

Review – Ceramic knife set

I was asked to review a set of ceramic knives and I get to keep them for giving an honest review.  Click images to enlarge.

I’ve never used a ceramic knife before and wondered about them for a while. We’ve used these knives for a couple of weeks.  While I’m used to using larger […]

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