A taste of their own medicine

This is a prank on a mobile phone company that has a bad reputation for poor customer service.  This group of pranksters drops off a container in front of the telephone company entrance with just a phone number on it.  The phone number goes directly to the group inside the container.  It doesn’t take long before the phone rings and then proceed to give the mobile phone company a taste of ‘customer service’.

English subtitles



You’re invited to a party … prank

B&P reader Sander writes:

Hey Jonco,
Remember awhile back when there was this gal’s Facebook invite where everyone in the world said that they were going to attend her event and she was all like, who are all these people?  Well I have the perfect event to “bomb” so to speak.

That’s my buddy’s event up in Minnesota.  He’s DJ Str8 Reppin (Vaughn Lovley) and he’ll be back in his hometown to party it up with friends and he wants people to invite everyone they know.  Being that it’s an open invitation where anyone can make reservations, it’ll be perfect for all my friends at bitsandpieces to flood this invite with reservations.  What do you think?  You think Bitsandpieces can pull this off and get thousands of reservations saying that they’ll be there?

You have to have a Facebook account to do this, but heck, why not?  I’m in.


The party invitation was removed.  The link no longer works.  I guess he was getting lots of responses and realized what was happening.  Good Work!


Pet Petter

Pet petter“Never touch your pets again!” 

Never touch your pets again! Todd Lawson’s Pet Petter is the perfect gift for the dog/cat/horse/sheep lover on your list. The Pet Petter is an automatic petting device that has 4 different speeds for all types of hair lengths, is rechargeable for hotel use and includes 6 de-flea pads!

Another fine product from Prank Pack