Should we do away with Daylight Saving Time changes?

Would you like to do away with Daylight Saving Time change?

Silly Sunday Survey – Jeans

How often do you wash your jeans?

Silly Sunday Survey

How do you eat ketchup with your french fries?



B&P 2016 Presidential Election Poll

Lelection-2016-logoet’s take a poll see how the readers of Bits & Pieces feel about the candidates in the upcoming presidential election.  If the U.S. Presidential Election were being held today who would you vote for?

You can only cast one vote.

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Poll Results:
If the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election were held today, who would you vote for?


Note: We’ve disabled comments on this poll because we really don’t want or need to hear what a bad person you think the other candidates are.  You should know by now that your opinion won’t sway someone who supports your candidate’s opponent.  This is just a fun poll to see how the numbers line up.



What size shirt do you wear?

While scouring the web for B&P I ran across a poll just like this whose results surprised me.  So, just for fun (and for future ordering data) lets see how the B&P readers measure up.  Don’t tell me it depends on the style,  fabric or other excuse, just if you had to pick a size you wear most often, let’s say for a t-shirt, what would it be?

What size shirt do you wear?

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Is it OK to use the handicapped toilet?

Handicapped toilet signI’m curious how people feel about using the larger stalls designed for the handicapped.

These wheelchair accessible stalls have a lot more room in them and allow those with disabilities to maneuver their wheelchair or other necessary equipment around so they can do their business.

Some might argue that it is only for those with disabilities to use and should not be used by able-bodied persons. While others think that if the room is open it’s OK for anyone to use.  The disabled just have to wait in line like everyone else.

What do you think?

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Infographics poll

Several times a week I post infographics about various topics on B&P.  Many of the ones of late I am being paid by a marketing company to post.  They link to sponsors who pay for the posts.  Last month I made $130 posting infographics.

Apparently some are less factual than others.  Does this matter to you, the readers of B&P?  Keeping in mind that B&P needs revenue to keep afloat, I want to know how strongly you feel about them.  Should I keep posting them, stop posting them, or do you just ignore them and move on?

Tell me what you think.

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