Memphis police on dooty

Running from the police is a bad idea. Running from the police and hiding in a portable toilet is an even worse idea.  Memphis police cornered a suspect in a portable toilet on a construction site. It was how they got the suspect out that is out of the ordinary. An officer tipped it over. [...]

Street Entrepreneur



Police Blotter





A cop pulled me over once…


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Failing a breathalyzer test



Magician Tries To Sell Weed To Cops

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Paul Harvey – What Is A Policeman?

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Meanwhile, in Spain…

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Slav Theft Auto

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St. Louis Cops Go After Scorchers

1904 In response to complaints from citizens about the “automobile menace,” the St. Louis Police Department became one of the first in the nation to use automobiles to go after the “scorchers,” as speeders were known at the time.

The car was a high speed “St. Louis” Model made by George Preston Dorris [...]

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