B&P Trading Station – Round 1

We have a winner !

 It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve decided to go with the Aperturo Photo Print. Thanks for those who offered items for trade.

Round 2  –   What would you trade for one of these photos?

You can choose any of Aperturo’s original photos reproduced on professional photo paper up to 16 X 20 inches ready for framing.  He has sold his prints for as much as $340.  Here are just a few examples of his work:


Pic3b Pic1b


Galleries can be found here and here.

What do you have to trade for one of these fine prints delivered to your door?

Remember, we’re trying to trade up to a nicer prize, so offering a red paperclip probably won’t get anywhere.


Big carp – Great shot

French photographer and biologist Laurent Ballesta captures the hour- long battle between a 33lb (15kg) carp and his brother at a small lake near Montpellier in southern France.

Click to enlarge

This photograph was obviously taken with specialist underwater equipment with a wide angle lens and a small aperture for a deep depth of field. However underwater protection boxes are now surprisingly inexpensive.



Nuit Blanche – Love in an instant

Nuit Blanche (White Night) explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.  Excellent short film.

Making of Nuit Blanche

Is anything filmed on location anymore?  Seems like green-screen and digital effects are always being used these days.