Before GoPro

Thanks sg


Selfies Anonymous

A 12-step group for people who have a problem posting selfies (as well as other obnoxious photo-posting habits).



A Storm’s A Brewin’

Best wedding photo ever!  Click to enlarge.

Read all about it.





Elk vs. Photographer

Thanks Gene


A T-Rex Selfie

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Don’t move! It’s for National Geographic!


Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Paul McCartney Selfie

A rare selfie from Sir Paul McCartney from 1959.

More rare photos from the past.

Thanks Mac


Best Selfie Ever!

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Reflections of the Windy City

Chicago appears like a kingdom in the clouds in this picture taken by plan passenger Mark Hersch of the city silhouette reflected on Lake Michigan.  Click to enlarge.

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