Best Selfie Ever!

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Reflections of the Windy City

Chicago appears like a kingdom in the clouds in this picture taken by plan passenger Mark Hersch of the city silhouette reflected on Lake Michigan.  Click to enlarge.

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When you need a longer lens



Firefighter’s Frozen Winter Wonderland

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Early Selfie

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


GoPro cam falls from a plane into a pigsty…

… and keeps on recording…

Sometime in 2013, a GoPro camera disappeared after being mishandled by a group of skydivers.

Eight months later, its footage was found—in a pigsty.

In the video, the skydivers suddenly lose their grip on the device. It tumbles out of the plane and even soars aloft for a few [...]

Guy Photoshops himself into celebrity photos

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Sunrise this morning

We had a beautiful red sky this morning.  Here are a few of shots from the deck.  Click to enlarge.


Focus Malfunction?

This man was trying to take a picture of his son. Something tells me his camera is working just fine.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Photo Op

Sometimes a good photo opportunity lands right in front of you.



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