Little Lily

Lily1Little Lily came home from the hospital today.  It’s been a while since I saw a newborn up close.  She’s so tiny, yet so big at the same time.  She’s four days old and is holding her head up.  Seems like it was six months before my kids did that.  She’s really cute too.  I hope my niece and nephew realize how lucky they are because some newborns are pretty unattractive at that stage.

I got to hold her for the first time. 



In my apple juice

Apple juiceIn my temporary quest to eat healthier I opted for some apple juice this morning instead of a Diet Pepsi for breakfast.  I poured myself a big glass of the nectar of apples.  After downing two-thirds of the glass I noticed something in the glass.

Is it pulp?  Doesn’t look like pulp

Is it mold? Sort of looks like mold

Is it some other contaminant?  Beats me.

It tasted OK… nothing unusual that I can recall.

I tossed the rest down the drain just in case.  I probably just wasted it, but who knows. 

BUT… if I die suddenly then the apple juice is the principal suspect in my demise.


Jamie’s last day…

…Being pregnant that is.  This is my niece, Jamie, who’s going to have a C-Section at 6 pm tonight.  She is shown here with the cutest little girl in the world, Brianna, the very soon to be big sister.

Last day pregnant

We all got together last night at Dave & Buster for my wife’s birthday (which is today).  Today will also be the unnamed baby’s birthday too.  They can’t decide on a name for her (it’s supposed to be a girl).

I suggested Jonita, but they didn’t fall for that.  I also suggested Chuckie when I saw the sonogram of the baby (below).  You can’t tell me this doesn’t look like Chuckie.

Chuckie scan

 Chuckie doesn’t sound like a girl’s name though.  Chuckina?  Chuckella?  Charlie?

 If ‘she’ pops out with a penis then Chuckie would fit.  I’m stickin’ with Chuckie!

On a side note:  My sister-in-law wrote on her Facebook page:

Eet granddaughter

Aren’t typos great?


Computer troubles….

I’ve been having a lot of computer problems lately.  Last week I had a monitor go out on me (I have dual monitors) so I was working with one.  I had an old one I supplemented but it was awkward.   I’ve also been having some problems rebooting my PC.  It just wouldn’t reboot.  I would have to put in my Windows disk and do a restore from a previous time.  I figured out that it was an update that was not allowing the PC to reboot. 

I thought I fixed that because it had been working OK the last couple of days.  Today I bought two new monitors (matching) and when I while I was hooking them up I decided to clean the desk while I was moving them.  I did that.  I also decided to turn my keyboard upside down and shake the raisin bread crumbs out of it.  Well, I accidentally hit the Sleep key and the thing went to sleep and wouldn’t wake up.  I kept trying to restart it and had the same trouble as before.   I did some Google research on our other PC and found a couple things to try. I decided to unconnect the computer from it’s spaghetti of wires and take it apart and clean it out.  It was a tad dusty.  I finally got the main stuff hooked back up and restored the operating system but now I have no sound.  Everything else seems to be functioning right.  I’ll look into the sound problem before long.  I’ll try another cable first.

I’m going to be gone most of the day tomorrow but I’ll try to post a few things before I go and I’ll have an open mic.


Update:  Got the speakers working, so I’m back in business.


Me and my brother

I was going through some old pictures and ran across these two pictures oh my brother Paul and me.  He’s almost three years older than I am.  The first picture is when I was about three.  Paul sure had an ornery look on his face.

Jon and Paul c. 1951
c. 1951

The second picture is right after I had turned 12.  Our dog Pooch is between us.  Pooch was supposed to be a Chihuahua when we got him as a pup.  He looked a lot like the RCA mascot Nipper. 
Jon and Paul 1960


Meeting me – Meeting you

… and meeting KLAW again too.

Tim and Klaw and jon

I had to pleasure of meeting Cowracer (Tim) [the big fella on the left] tonight along with KLAW at the Tilted Kilt. Also pictured is our waitress. Tim is a real nice guy who is very easy to talk to.  He rides a Harley and doesn’t live far from me.  We talked about riding to Shady Jacks Saloon in downtown St. Louis sometime in the near future.

I could only stay for about an hour as I had another engagement to attend, but I was there long enough to enjoy some good hot wings and a few beers.

It was my pleasure gentlemen.