Gus & Trixie – Inside and Out

I put this together from some clips I took in the last week or so.  Gus is still hesitant to go in and out the door.  You can see the doormat that he refused to cross.  So we moved it to the side and he will usually go in and out –  though reluctantly.  They play well together, but Trixie is definitely more active.

They play like this on the bed every night for anywhere form 10 to 30 minutes.  Then they lay down and they’re out for the night.

I used Windows Live Movie Maker (free) to create this video. The music comes from Freeplay (free)and I downloaded two songs for the video.  It’s not as robust as Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate but it’s does a really good job and is less complicated to use… and did I mention that it’s free?

Studio has background music built in but Movie “Maker doesn’t, so that’s why I had to use Freeplay music (royalty free) because YouTube won’t allow regular music.


Road Trip – Fishing in the gulf

My daughter (Krisgo) and her family are on family road trip vacation.  They headed out Wednesday.    Their first stop was on Destin Florida after a night somewhere in Mississippi.  On Destin Beach they collected a cup of oil “sea turds” but apparently it wasn’t too bad –  yet.  They did a little fishing and my son-in-law caught this sand shark guitarfish (below).  After a day in Destin they ran into the tail of Hurricane Alex and got pretty wet, so they headed east to Jacksonville.  They stayed there a couple of nights and are heading up towards Savannah Georgia on Friday.


Sand shark2 Sand shark
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Covered bridges of Indiana ride this weekend

We’re heading out tomorrow afternoon for a ride through Illinois into Indiana.  Indiana is supposed to have more than 90 covered bridges still in existence.  We plan to visit a few.  I’m not sure where our fascination with covered bridges came from, except that there’s one not too far from my house that I accidentally discovered one day a few years ago while out on a ride.  After that we looked into it and discovered that Missouri only has four covered bridges left.  I think we’ve been to three of those.

Indiana ride2

 We’ll probably spend Friday night in Terre Haute and then Saturday ride to some bridges and then there’s supposed to be a nice scenic ride around and/or through Hoosier National Forest.   We’ll probably spend Saturday night in Bloomington and coming back to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.  About  550 miles total if we stick with the original plan. 

If anyone has any suggestions of things to see or good places to eat along the way, please let us know.  I’ll be checking in during the evenings.

I have set up a few things to post automatically.


Doe, a deer, a female deer


We were sitting around our dining room table playing a game.  We have vertical blinds on a window in our living room that are pretty much floor to ceiling and Trixie likes to poke her head between the slats and watch the bunnies and  groundhogs frolic in the back yard.  She gets a little excited when she sees them.  About 20 minutes ago she started barking and was a little more excited that usual.  I stood up and looked out the dining room window and saw the doe above.  She stood there for a short time looking towards the house and the barking dog within.  Long enough for me to get my camera out and snap this picture just as she headed for the woods.


Meeting me – Meeting you

Jonco Steve HI had the pleasure of meeting B&P reader Steve H, aka Observr last night at the World Naked Bike Ride –  St. Louis.  Steve and his band, Buck The Trend, were playing at the Petra Cafe and Hookah Lounge which was across the street from the bike ride starting point.  They play an alternative rock.  Steve plays guitar for the band.  I also met Steve’s son and some of his friends.

The bar, which was quite unique with it’s $1.50 mystery beers and hookahs (I had to look it up too –  I guess I led a sheltered life).  Several band members were playing in their briefs to show solidarity with the naked bike riders.  Thankfully Steve wasn’t. (There must be a god.)

Buck the trend1   Buck the trend2b


My first real job – A Nursing Assistant

ORMy first real job was right out of high school.  I wanted to buy a car so I needed a job.  So I answered an ad in the newspaper for orderlies at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis MO.  The job I got was as a nursing assistant in the operating room.  $1.40 an hour which wasn’t bad back in 1967.  I had always had a fear of hospitals … just the smell when you walked in the door used to freak me out.  I got over that real quick.

My main job was picking people up from their rooms and taking them to the operating room.  Occasionally I’d be called in to hold up a leg while they prepared the table below for surgery.  Once I was holding somebody’s diseased leg in the air while they were cleaning it with ether.  The aroma almost knocked me out.  There was a time or two when I goofed up and stepped on somebody’s tube and blood started shooting out all over everywhere. I couldn’t help it, I had big feet.  I also helped out in the Recovery Room when they were extra busy.  We would take the patients back to their rooms after they woke up.

We were dressed in O.R. scrubs just like the doctors so some patients assumed we were doctors.  They would ask us questions and we’d tell them we weren’t doctors and refer them to the nurses in charge.  This 17 year old saw a lot of eye-opening sights in the several months I worked there.

We would also carry specimens to the lab for analysis.  It’s kind of freaky to pick up a package that contains somebody’s leg and carry it around the hospital. We went to Central Supply for different items.  Once I picked up a hammer, star drill bit and a pair of pliers and took them to an O.R.  These tools were all just like you’d buy at Home Depot, only they’re sterilized.  I was curious what they were going to use them for so I wandered to that OR a few minutes later and the doctor was had the star drill in the patients hip and he was tapping it with the hammer.  They’d then take an x-ray and then he’d tap it a couple more times and take another x-ray.  A nurse said were putting a pin into a guy’s hip.

We also had to go over to the Emergency Room, which was in a different building.  The Barnes Hospital complex is made up of several buildings which were all connected by underground tunnels.  We were always supposed to have a female escort if we were transporting a female patient, but every now and then no one was available and it was an emergency so we just shot out of the E.R., went down the elevator, through the underground tunnels and up the elevator at Barnes to the surgery floor.  It was cool to rush patients to surgery.

Even though I was on the low end of the earnings scale it was a very interesting and rewarding job for me.  I’d probably still be there if it had paid more.

What was your first job?


Sunday Mid-Missouri Ride

Mid mo rideOur ride yesterday took us through the area south of St. Louis MO.  We rode about 180 miles through, Jefferson County, St. Louis County, Iron County, and St. Fancois County.  We traveled almost exclusively two-lane roads.  Missouri does have some nice scenic by-ways.  Especially scenic on this trip were highways FF and MM and W.  There was one other road, but I can’t remember what it was.

We stopped and ate at The Family Steakhouse in Potosi MO: Sunday buffet for $7.95 Food wasn’t bad, but there were no beets on the salad bar.  (That’s how I define a salad bar.  A good salad bar has beets).  🙂

The temp was in the low to mid 90’s and it wasn’t bad  as long as you were moving.  If you stopped it got hot quick. 

Showers were forecast for the afternoon, but we didn’t experience any.  Our riding buddies from Wentzville MO weren’t so lucky,  They were five miles from home when they got soaked.  The storms were short and they got home wet but OK.


Not my lost shoe

When I read the following post at J-Walk Blog I got my hopes up….  I had lost a shoe (among other things) last year on a rainy Illinois highway when the trunk lid on my motorcycle blew open because I had forgot to latch it when stopping to quickly put on my rain gear on the side of the highway. 

Lost shoe

I should have been tipped off by the first line in the article…. “woman’s size 4”.  Maybe I thought they were trying to say “Whoa, man’s size 14”. 

I guess I should stop looking and hoping to find it since I threw out the remaining shoe.


Men Swear

I took this picture at a shop at the St. Louis Mills Mall a while back (story below).

Men swear sign

I took this picture two or three weeks ago with my cell phone and emailed it to myself.  I never received the photo in my email.  The process seems very simple and easy, but it wasn’t working.  I’ve tried to do that before and never got the picture.  I kept thinking I’d look into what I was doing wrong, but never got around to it.  Taking pictures with my phone isn’t a big priority for me since I usually carry my camera with me.

Well, just a few minutes ago I opened my email and there was an email from me.  I had forgotten about the picture and there it was in my inbox.  I have no idea why it took three weeks to get it.