Help Krisgo find a name for a new blog

Dear Bits and Pieces readers,

krisgo (Jonco’s daughter) here–Hello!

I’m planning on starting a blog and I’m asking for your help. I intend to do similar content as Bits and Pieces with some anecdotal writing, humor, trivia and light editorials from my perspective. The trouble is– I can’t come up with a good blog [...]

Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my mom’s 93rd birthday.

I think this photo was taken in the early 1960s, so she would have been about 40 years old or in her early forties.    She died in 1995 at the age of 74.


Sunrise this morning

We had a beautiful red sky this morning.  Here are a few of shots from the deck.  Click to enlarge.


Barging Up The River

We got a coating of snow overnight that wreaked havoc on the roads this morning but it was a pretty scene as this barge headed up the Mississippi River to St. Louis.  Click image to enlarge.


Barging Up the Icy Mississippi

My wife took this picture this morning of a barge heading up the river.



Jonco Selfie on HLN Network

Dennis C. sends along this video he captured on HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade.  HLN is owned by Turner Broadcasting and used to be called Headline News.  I uploaded it to YouTube.

Here’s a link to the HLN website where the photo is featured   11 Ways to Win the @SelfieOlympics

Thanks [...]

Jonco Fix

Go to Google Images and search for “old school selfie” and see what pops up as the very first image.


Deer Days

I happened to be looking out the window this morning and saw the three deer we’ve been seeing the last few weeks.  They were just foraging around the plants.  They slowly moseyed through the wooded bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. They came up into my yard and around the walkway to the deck before [...]

After the snow

This is the view looking North up the Mississippi River.  Click to enlarge. 

This is looking South.

As I was walking down to take these photos I followed deer tracks all the way down the steps.  Look close and you can see the deer tracks on the walkway.

We ended up with about [...]

Snowy Deer

There were three deer roaming across the back yard a few minutes ago. They walked down along the edge of the yard and into the woods on the other side of the walkway nibbling on the brush once inside the woods.  Click to enlarge.



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