Looking Back

Here’s a picture of me and my kids from about a hundred years ago (give or take a few).  Back when I had a little more hair… and it was curly… and not gray.  The little guy on the right is 45 now.  Where did the years go?


Swimming in the rain

Yesterday we had some very weird weather in the St. Louis area.  One of my grandsons had his high school graduation party and it would be sunny and then 30–40 minutes later it would rain like crazy for about 20 minutes.  Then the sky would clear and it would be sunny.  Then 20–30 […]

Amongst the Giant Sequoias

We climbed the 325+ steps to the top of Moro Rock.  Then we hiked around Crescent Meadow.  Much more walking that I’m used to.  Click images to enlarge.


We had a bag of chips in the car that we noticed was about to burst because of expansion at high altitudes.  The […]

Hollywood Hijinx

Pirates of the Crazybeing

My grandsons Vince and Seth and me on Hollywood Blvd, and in the Hollywood Hills.

Caption Contest – 577

This photo of me was taken in the Prop Department at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank California today.  What fun caption can you come up with for this picture.


A Mother’s Day to Remember

Nineteen years ago today, on May 11, 1995,  my mom died in a hospital in Farmington Missouri.  It was a Friday afternoon, the Friday before Mother’s Day that year.  We had her funeral visitation on Mother’s Day.  I had been there visiting all day and had just headed back for the hour and a […]

My Shoes

When I got to my brother’s house in Kansas City tonight I noticed that I was wearing two different shoes. I wore them all day like this. This is not the first time I’ve done this.


B&P turned 12 yesterday

It was twelve years ago yesterday that the very first post  appeared on Bits & Pieces. 

Thanks to all of you who visit –  whether you stop by every once in a while or whether you’re here several times a day.  Thanks especially to those who take time to comment.  For without you this site would not […]

Photo Storage Question…

An organization I belong to has several thousand digital photos and PDF documents that we want to archive online that our members can go to and browse through.  Does anyone have any suggestions on good ways to do that?  Preferably it wouldn’t be public but accessible thru a link that can be sent or posted.


Gus & Trixie on the move

I took Gus and Trixie to the new house after we signed all the papers. They both love to go out and go for a ride. 

While we were loading the truck Trixie jumped up in there and was ready to go.  She didn’t want to come out.  Click on images to […]

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