Guess what day it is?

Blake S sends along this image he created.  Blake is a Cardinal fan like me, Gus and Trixie.


Thanks Bake


Oh Deer!


I was driving down my street this morning and saw two deer run across the road.  Then I looked to my left and saw four more deer grazing in one of my neighbor’s yards.  I don’t remember ever seeing six deer at one time on my street before.  Click  to enlarge


Jonco and kids enjoy the baseball game

Trixie and Gus relax as we watch the baseball game Wednesday night.  It was a good night to watch baseball as the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Division Series over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  You have to give the Pirates credit for a great season this year.  Now on to battle the Dodgers [...]

Red sky at night…

I took this with my camera phone at a local high school football game tonight.  Click to enlarge.


September Sunrise

I took this picture a couple of days ago as the sun was rising across the Mississippi River.


Happy Birthday Krisgo!

Today is my daughter Kris’ **th birthday.  We’re having family over to our house for dinner and games.


check out her website if you’re into household tips, crafts and cool recipes:


Generation Gap

Just this morning I was thinking about this very scenario.   I got the bill for my newspaper delivery.  While I used to read the newspaper every day,  I now get only the Sunday paper delivered.  Sometimes I don’t read much of it, though I do try to look through some of the ads. [...]

September Morn

A light fog or haziness blankets the farm fields across the Mississippi River this morning.  The sun will soon work it’s magic and the haze will disappear quickly.


Sun pierces through the fog

I took this photo with my phone’s camera this morning coming home from the gym.  There was quite a bit of fog on the streets and the sun was piercing through it in an attempt to clear it away.    Click to enlarge.


Jonco – An Inside Look

I had my third colonoscopy today.  The procedure is no big deal.  The big deal is the day before… the prep that is the hard part… the big flush.  No solid food all day.  Only liquids and Jello or popsicles allowed and no red or purple colored ones at that.  Then I had to take 4 [...]

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