Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, March 16th,  would have been my dad’s 106th birthday.  Work was hard to find when he was a young man. Dad worked as a farmer and took a job for a while doing construction work in Michigan before coming back to Missouri in 1942 to work in a plant that made asbestos shingles in St. Louis.  He worked there for 31 years until he had a heart attack and was forced to retire at the age of 61.

He had only been to the doctor once (for a relatively minor foot injury) in all the years he worked at the shingle plant until he had the heart attack. It was at that time that he was also diagnosed with mesothelioma.

He spent the rest of his years on a farm they had purchased in Southeast Missouri around 1970.  His health declined in the late 1980’s and he died in 1990 at the age of 78.

The photo is of my dad and mom – date unknown.  Click to enlarge.


Facebook’s Filtered Messages

It’s February of 2018 and I’ve been using Facebook for 16 years and just this morning I learned that there are “Filtered” Message Requests. Filtered Requests is defined as people with whom you are not connected to your friends list. There are a couple dozen messages going back to 2009 in my filtered group.  Some are spamish, people wanting me to like their page, but several are things people sent me to see if I would like them…. and they’re pretty interesting.  I’m embarrassed that I never saw them nor acknowledged them. 

You get to them by clicking the messenger button and at the very top clicking Message Requests and See filtered requests. Click image to enlarge.


Help! I’m morphing into a curmudgeon

I’m slowly becoming something I’m not sure I like.  I don’t know if it’s lazy, like I could be any lazier than I already was, or if it’s something else.  Maybe I’m becoming a curmudgeon.  Here are a few ways I feel I’ve changed or am changing:

  • I don’t answer the phone unless I know who’s calling. I used to always answer the phone even though I knew it might be a solicitor calling. I’ve gotten to where I don’t even answer and if they don’t leave a message or it’s a “private” number, I use the ‘Block Number’ feature on my phone.  I used to have fun messing around with the telemarketers, trying to keep them on the line for as long as I could. Now, for the most part, I don’t want to and if I do answer, I’m sometimes not the nicest person.
  • I don’t answer the door if I don’t know who’s there.  Just the other day, a guy who appeared to be in his 20’s rang the doorbell.  I peeked out, I didn’t know him so I just came back to my office and let the dogs bark him away.  Almost every time someone comes to the door they’re trying to sell something.  I don’t want to buy whatever they’re selling. I never used to be that way.
  • I wear the same jeans 2, 3, or 4 days in a row.  I used to change jeans (pants) every day, sometimes twice a day, depending on what I was doing.  Now I spend most days sitting at my computer or on the couch watching television.  I think it’s mostly based on laziness because I don’t want to go through the motions of moving everything from the old jeans to the new, clean jeans. I seem to carry stuff in all four pockets of my jeans and add a belt and the task seems monumental sometimes.  I shower every day and change shirts, socks and underwear.  I would feel cruddy if I didn’t.  But wearing the same jeans more than once, that’s a new thing for me.
  • I don’t care for shopping much.  I used to love going shopping. Now, I go. I get what I went to get and I go home. Rarely do I just go to browse. If I want something I shop online.  If I NEED something, I try to find out if I can find it locally. If not I shop online. Now, I’ve sort of been this way with shopping longer than the other things, but I would always enjoy going out on Christmas Eve and browse with the holiday shoppers.  I didn’t like it if I HAD to find something, I just felt that I wanted to be in the holiday crowd.  I enjoyed that.  This past Christmas Eve, I didn’t go out at all. The exception to this is when I travel.  I still enjoy browsing souvenirs, t-shirts, and stuff like that while traveling.  I won’t be surprised if that changes too.

So, I don’t know where that leaves me or what changes I’ll experience next. I guess I’m up for the adventure, but I’ll be wearing yesterday’s jeans.



Who’s Your Doppelganger in Museum Portraits?

Google Arts & Culture, Google’s free app, analyzes your selfie and then finds your artistic doppelganger in museum portraits.

Here is the best museum match it came up for my selfie.

Paulus Cornelisz van Beresteijn, Heer van Overschie (1548-1625), Burgomaster of Delft (Mayor of the city of Delft in the Netherlands)

Having the ability to virtually explore the history, back stories, and cultural significance of artworks from over a thousand museums generates nowhere near the excitement as a feature allowing users to upload selfies in hopes of locating an Instagram-worthy doppelgänger somewhere in this vast digital collection.

Download the app and paste your results into a comment.

Thanks, DJ

Gus and Trixie Playtime

Here’s a short video of Gus and Trixie playing.  It’s very unusual for Gus to do that.
(Note:  I added another short clip I didn’t realize I took)  When Gus is done, he’s done.

We were cleaning up in the garage and I heard what I thought was Trixie scuffling and lightly growling like she does when she plays with a toy.  I looked over at her and saw them wrestling playfully. I know most people will think, ‘so what’ but Gus rarely plays like that and it tickled me.  I wish I had caught more of it but they finished not long after I got my phone out to record.



A confession about ‘The Walking Dead’

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the last episode.

I never read the comics but with everyone talking about the show The Walking Dead I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So we started at the beginning a few years ago and binged watched the first five seasons.  Then we started watching every week.  I like the show and like some characters more than others. (I also like the show Talking Dead which airs afterward) But one character I consistently disliked was Rick’s son Carl. Carl is played by Chandler Riggs, who I have no problem with as an actor. I just really don’t like the character. Every time they killed off a regular cast member I would say, why couldn’t that have been Carl.  So many good actors and well-played characters were just killed off, and some quite shockingly. Herschel, Beth, Shane, Laurie, Abraham, Glen just to name a few. 

Well, lo and behold, I got an early Christmas present when in Sunday night’s episode, the half-season finale, it was revealed that Carl had been bitten by a ‘walker’, meaning that he was going to die. I actually shouted, “Yipee Ki Yay, mother…”. You can complete that phrase if you want to.  

Now we have to wait until the end of February for the rest of the season to return to actually see him die.

Pass the popcorn!