A hard day’s work

We got the old sewer pipe out and the new one in and all connected with no leaks.  Now we have to fill in with sand and dirt and remove the temporary doggy bridge across the trench.  Then we can call the concrete guys.   Click images to enlarge.

Trixie peeking through the doggy door to […]


Mornin’ Trix





I just took this photo of tonight’s Supermoon, also known as the Full Hunter’s Moon.  Click to enlarge.

Shot with a handheld Nikon Coolpix P900.




Paying it forward

I had the most amazing experience tonight.  I’d worked around the house shampooing carpets and working in the yard today.  I came in and took a shower and decided I was hungry for some fajitas.  So I went to a nearby Mexican restaurant, La Pachanga’s, and  ordered chicken fajitas (no onions) and one large beer. […]


My wonderful life

First….. I don’t do pain well.  Not well at all…  →

Last weekend we did an awful lot of work jackhammering and hauling away a concrete patio.  The temperature was about 90°F during this time.  I was hot, tired and exhausted but really felt we got a lot done.  

Tuesday, I started feeling that […]


Patio Demolition

I rented a jackhammer today to tear out our patio.  It was super hot but we had some shade from the patio roof.  We have a sewer pipe under the patio that needs to be replaced.  I had originally hired a guy to do the work.  He got started on it but hasn’t shown […]


A Blogger’s Life

The only thing missing is an occasional pizza.

Thanks sg  


Reminiscing at a Beatles Tribute Night

Last night was a Beatles Tribute Night at the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. The Liverpool Legends, a band we’d seen perform before, did a concert before the game.  I had taken a photocopy of the ticket stub we have from the only Beatles concert in St. Louis, 50 years and 2 days earlier.  A […]


One of those weeks…

I was finishing a load of laundry my wife started when I heard a squish when I stepped in front of the washer. It  has apparently sprung a leak!  Dammit!  So I took some Tylenol and unhooked the washing machine and pulled it out from the wall. I had to remove about a dozen […]


Are you kidneying me?

I had 30-day follow-up blood workup done last Friday and I talked with the doctor’s office today. 

It seems that my kidney function numbers are back into the normal range.  YAY!  The way I had understood it from what they told me a month ago and mostly from what I read online about kidney […]

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