Meanwhile, in Florida…

After returning to the condo my brother has rented, Google presented me with this video it created of the pictures I took today of the condo and a pontoon boat ride we took this morning.  The temperature is in the mid-90s but there was a good breeze out on the lake.

Some of the lots along the lake shore go for $1 million.  That’s just the lot. The house is extra. So, this is how the top one percent live.


My ongoing patio project

The concrete guys got a decent day to pour the patio this week.  After pouring it and letting it set up a while they started the stamping process with large rubber molds. After applying the molds they sprinkled a “release” (a darker color dye powder) and then it sits for a couple of days.  They will come back and powerwash the deck and then will seal it another day.  I opened the door to take a couple of photos and Gus slipped right out the door to explore.  He’s being admonished and told to get inside.  We weren’t supposed to walk on it the next day.  We don’t want to track the colored release dye into the house like Gus is doing in the photo below.  I plan to get back to working on the room next week. 

Work on the room had come to a standstill the last few weeks because other things had a higher priority. I plan to get back to working on the room next week. Click images to enlarge.




Patio room progress


We’re making good progress on the patio room.  We got the patio doors installed and plywood on the walls.  The center of the long wall (where the plastic is now) will have a bay window. 


The doggie door has been temporarily removed and will be built into the new outside wall.  Electricity, insulation and drywall coming soon. The plan is for that patio door to be replaced by a set of French doors. You can see Trixie in the bottom left corner checking on the progress.


53 years ago today…


I was a freshman at Beaumont High School in St. Louis and was walking into a classroom just after lunch on that Friday afternoon.  A classmate walked in right behind me and he was talking to a girl.  He said to me, “Jon, didn’t Kennedy just get shot?”  I thought he was just trying to BS this girl and I said that I had heard that.  Well, I hadn’t.  As soon as the class settled an announcement came over the speaker in the classroom confirming that the president had indeed been shot.  We finished the next two classes and I hopped on the bus to head home.

Thus began one of the most memorable weekends sitting in front of the television I’ve ever experienced.  From watching the casket carrying the body of the President of the United States being brought back to Washington D.C. to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Station on Sunday and then the funeral of John F Kennedy on Monday.  It was a very sad time for America.


Let’s Make A Deal


Back in June, we went to a taping of the TV show Let’s Make A Deal on our visit to Los Angeles.  Our show aired today (Wednesday).  I had completely forgotten that it was today.  Fortunately, I had been recording the show so we could watch it later. 

We weren’t picked and ended up being seated on the far right of the studio.  Only a couple of times could you see us and ever so briefly in a pan of the studio.  I was wearing a judge’s robe and a gray wig.  My granddaughter Logan was in a lobster costume. My wife was seated next to Logan but you couldn’t really see her. This was the best screenshot I could get.


Biden honors fallen soldier


Vice President Joe Biden, center, and Army Secretary Eric Fanning, right, stand as an Army carry team moves a transfer case containing the remains of Pfc. Tyler R. Iubelt at Dover Air Force Base, Del., on Tuesday. Iubelt was one of four Americans (two soldiers) killed in Afghanistan last Saturday when a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up at Bagram Airfield.  More info

Tyler is the grandson of my cousin Cathy. I didn’t really know him personally, just the family.  Tyler lived with his wife and infant daughter in Du Quoin IL when he enlisted in the U.S. Army just one year ago next week.


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