Trump Christmas Parody – It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years

Regardless of how you feel, this is pretty well done.

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Obama at the Bat

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Saving Daylight – Movie Trailer

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The Key of Awesome – STARBOY parody



AOL 20th Anniversary CD Reissued

Read all about it.

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‘Fast & Ferocious’ – 10 More Sequels Are Coming

The Fast & Ferocious movies have been a big success, and the studio is planning more sequels. Do they have to be faster? Is faster better, or should they focus on the story?

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Artisanal Toilet Paper


Hillary’s First Album

In her attempt to reach younger voters…

Listening  to Hillary’s new Nasty Album with the Catchy Tune  “Made with Chinese Steel” after Election Day, she will be touring with her Band “Bad Hombres” till the Inauguration Ball.

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Coming Soon…

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The Cure For Being A Woman

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