Barely Legal Pawn

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Guardians of the Galaxy Parody! Hooked on a Feeling

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The Mexorcist



House of Cue Cards

In the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different from “House of Cards.”

I’ve not seen House of Cards yet, but I thought this was great.  I’ll get to House of Cards when I finish Breaking Bad.

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Dirty Harry Potter

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Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie


Weird Al Yankovic – TACKY

Here are the lyrics


“Weird Al” Yankovic – FOIL

The third installment of beloved parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days rollout for Mandatory Fun, his latest album, is “Foil,” a lampooning of Lorde’s omnipresent “Royals”.  

Be sure to watch it to the end.

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Noseblind – An Odor Elimination Intervention

Have you tackled the odors in your home, or just gone noseblind to them? Watch Jane Lynch host an intervention with a group of ladies who are noseblind to the bad smells in their homes.




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