Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Another pretty nice week considering it’s late January.  I’d settle for another month or so of this weather and then a gradual warm up to spring.

Busy Weekend:  I’ve been working all week on a trivia presentation for Saturday night. 

Laptop problem: All of a sudden my laptop has been […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  The January thaw is here.  We’re experiencing the warmest weather so far this year, and I’m not complaining. Looks like we’re in for a pretty mild weekend and then a little cool-down during the upcoming week.  All in all, not bad at all for this time of year.


Busy Busy:  […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Wintry Mix! We’re in for some freezing rain and sleet on Sunday and Monday. This comes after a week or so of near zero temperatures.  Temperatures will moderate towards the end of the coming week.

Taking away the Funny:  I’ve kind of decided to try to stop using the category tag (at […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like typical January weather here. A little precipitation and a little arctic cold.  The thermometer will be jumping all over the place this week.  I heard on television today that spring training starts in six weeks.  Bring on the warm spring weather!

That’s it for B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After a pretty mild Christmas Day and Friday, it looks like the bottom is going to drop out of the nice weather as we fall into a nice winter chill for New Years. But… we don’t have any snow or ice yet.

Christmas:  I enjoy getting together with family at Christmas and all […]


Christmas Open Mic

 I’d like to thank all the readers of Bits & Pieces for coming here day after day, week after week, month after month and in some cases year after year. Without you, this little stop on the internet would not exist.

I’d also like to thank those that send me items to post, whether […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Looks like we have the slightest chance for a little light snow on Christmas Eve here in the St. Louis area.  Although I do like seeing a white Christmas I think I’m pretty much done with winter precipitation after that.

Busy Times:  I’m putting the finishing touches on a Christmas presentation for Saturday […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Not bad for the middle of December a week before Christmas.

B&P Problems:  Bits and Pieces was down much of Friday.  It came back up in the late afternoon.

Busy Week:  I have a busy week coming up.  I’m attending a conference over the weekend and working on a video project […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After a couple of rainy days it’s drying out over the weekend. All and all it’s not too bad for December here in the St. Louis area.

Holiday Hustle and Bustle:  As usual at this time of year I’m working on a few different projects and attending some software classes in […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A warm-up this weekend then a little cooler but not bad overall for the beginning of December for this part of the country.

Holiday Hustle & Bustle:  We had a couple of family gatherings this past week at our house for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Then Friday night we went out with friends […]

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