“Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend”

Casting his early vote for November’s midterm election in Chicago this morning, Obama was standing next to a young woman named Aia Cooper when her fiancé, Mike Jones, walked past the pair and voiced his insecurity. “Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend,” he said.

Unruffled, Obama used the opportunity to chat up Cooper, poking [...]

Shepard Smith’s response to “irresponsible” Ebola coverage

 I’m not a big fan of Fox News at all but this guy makes more sense than just about anyone I’ve heard speak on the subject.



War Is Helvetica





Jack Bauer Strikes Again!



Meanwhile at Walmart…



A real American hero

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Mountain Lion in San Jose Suburb

The rest of the story


She absolutely, positively wants a donut

Thanks Comedy Wizard


Talented Tumor



Massive Moose Mistake



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