Two Passions – Drinking and Flying


Thanks Donnie Mac


Cut from SNL – Morning News St. Louis – Rise and Smile

This skit was cut from the Saturday Night Live broadcast last night because of lack of time.



Lenexa KS Police Cattle Roundup

Five cows strayed out of their pasture Thursday morning on Interstate 435 near 87th Street. A Lenexa KS police officer responded to help get the cattle back into the field. The animals darted into traffic and crossed the median.  But drivers stopped so the officer and the owner could herd the cattle safely off the […]

Brave granny pulls mask off of armed robber

Don’t mess with old people. Thanks to this brave grandma the robber was caught shortly after and arrested because the camera managed to take good footage of his face.

Thanks DJ


If this were only true…




Rough day reporting

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom



Snow News Bloopers

Some blooper language NSFW.

Thanks Comedy Wizard


8 Point Buck? Bet that was painful

A nice photo for deer season.  This photo has been going around for a long time.  It still gets a chuckle out of me.




The massive snowstorm that inundated New York state is making for some amazing photos.

It was a narrow but massive storm over Buffalo NY.

Waiting for the bus that won’t come.

Just shoveling a path.

More photos here and […]

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