Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Knock Knock

I try to post music videos on Song Saturdays here on B&P.  But I can’t wait to post this one.  I’ll also post it on Saturday.  

Take 14 Apple screens, probable multiple failures, and incredible precision and coordination, and you’ve got yourself a miraculous music video.

Read all about it.



Ebola – The Parody Song



Christina Bianco – ‘Forget You’ in 25 voices



Mike Bramble – Radio

Thanks Mike B


Internet Trolls – The Halloween Musical



Priests’ surprise dance-off

Thanks Cari


All About That Bass – Kate Davis

Thanks Sheepdog


The Bellamy Brothers – Boobs


Key of Awesome – Modern Monster Mash



Kurt Quinn – ‘Where Have All The Flowers Gone’ on the Bandrum

Read all about it.


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