The Dancing Avengers trailer

A parody of a new Avengers movie trailer.

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Instrument that produces sound in horror movies!





No underwear in outerspace

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Before They Were Famous #3: Oscars 2015 Edition





How does this guy not get an Oscar nomination?

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American Sniper’s Fake Baby

Six-time Oscar nominated movie “American Sniper” has earned more than $134 million worldwide, but it isn’t without critics, and especially over one movie scene in particular.

Some in the audience were bothered by the use of a fake baby in the scene in which star Bradley Cooper holds his baby for the first time.



How old are you?


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Meanwhile, at the Oscar nominations…

Just moments ago on live television…

Read all about it.




Remembering the Fictional Characters We Lost in 2014

Spoiler Alert!





Approved for American Audiences

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